Collection 2000 - Smokey Eyes

So im back with a review!!!! this time it is one collection 2000's Smokey Eyes, eye shadow palette. this product i feel is not hiped up enough, but it is the perfect little eye shadow palette for taking in your bag. i took this palette on holiday and i didn't smash or crack the eye shadows so its a sturdy little thing. the thing that most caught my eye (besides the price :D) is the how to use guide on the back. i don't necessarily use it, but its great for beginners! the how to use guide is broken down into 4 steps which are described well and easy to understand. now onto the price, i purchased it at boots, and it came in at £4.19!!! collection 2000 products are quite cheap, and for the quality of the product its well worth it. 

For the actual eye shadows itself, the pigmentation is amazing, they last all day with only minimal creasing (and that's without primer!!). they aren't super pigmented like high-end eye shadows  but amazing for drugstore makeup.

the palette is organised into many different sections. firstly, you have the medium, dark and light sections (the columns) . secondly you have the rows which shows you the colours that go together, but don't have you use them like that!! i don't :) these also helps you get the perfect smokey eye look. E.g. put the medium colour on you lid, then put the dark colour on your crease and outer corner and finally the light colour on the brow bone DONE!! :D  as you can see the last colour on the bottom row is a cream. your most probably wondering whats that for?? well ... its goes on the inner corner of your eye, to brighten you up!

overall i love this palette it's perfect for travelling, beginners and anyone really!! the price is amazing, and i think this would be a perfect gift for Christmas or a stocking filler! :)

have an amazing fabulous and awesome dayy!! bye guys

Love Emma xxxx



I never thought i would have a blog and what do you know i do! craziest thing in the world. now i spend most of my time reading other beauty gurus blogs and think to myself "one day i would like to do that" talk about beauty, fashion and makeup. And thats what im hear to do. Im a 15 year old girl, wanting so much to be a fashion designer, and you know what, im gonna do it! :)  

Soooo, whats the first thing i know about blogs. NOTHING!!! i didn't even know how to make a post!! :D but after 15 minutes hunting for the button that creates the post i found it. (well how else would you be able to read this!!) i even got exited when i found out that when your typing your post it has SPELLCHECK!!!!!! and to be fair im not the best speller in the world so this will come in handy :) 

Now, some of you may be thinking whats this blog going to be all about well i would like to talk about...

  • Fashion,
  • Beauty,
  • Makeup,
  • DIY's
  • And i little in sight of the great life of Emma!!! (Me encase you were wondering)                                                                                     
For my sign off i would like to say, thank you for taking your time to read this and have an awesome, fabulous, amazing day!!!

    Emma xxxx