5 Ways To Get Radiant Skin This Summer!

For summer most people want to have nice radiant glowing skin to go with the sun. Now you can get this naturally if you have super nice skin but if not, here are some tips on how to achieve it, if your like me and that glow doesn't come natural to you! 

1. First and for most wear sunscreen! This should be at SPF 15 or higher, and you need to do this to avoid skin damage which can leave your skin look drab. The best way to do this if you want to wear makeup and not just sun cream, is to use a good moisturiser and then put a foundation on top which has SPF in!
2. You should exfoliate your skin regularly to remove your dead cells, which helps to leave your skin nice, fresh and healthy! However when exfoliating, don't do it too hard as it can damage the capillaries in your skin!
3. This one I know I defiantly don't do! ;) But you should do lots of exercise regularly. It helps to increase blood circulation which carries more nutrients to your skin and renews your skin cells! 
4. Apply your face moisturiser while your skin is still damp. This is so that your skin will lock in the moisture, you can also do this with your body too so you have nice skin all round! 
5. Lastly is a bad beauty habit which I do after a long day or night, and that is not taking my makeup off! I know its bad and I should but I get easily lazy ;) So before you go to sleep you should remove your makeup and the skin around your eye is a lot thinner than the rest of your face! Its very fragile so you need to be gentle to it. You should remove your eye makeup with a cotton pad and makeup remover. Press gently on your eye, this being up to ten seconds and wipe away. This will keep your eye area from getting sore or irritated and will make your eyes look fresh and awake in the morning!
So I hope this little post gave you some good tips on how to keep your skin looking nice this summer and if you have any other tips I haven't said I would love to know what you do! I hope you all are having a great summer and until next time have an awesome amazing day...


OOTD - Summer Day Shopping w/ Friends!

So about a week ago me and my two college friends went out to this cute little town to do some shopping, and to get some pictures for an outfit of the day! So thats what this post is for aha so this is my outfit...
So my top and skirt is H&M and my shoes are from New look! If you would like to see my not only my outfit but how I did my hair and makeup for this day, check out my newest video! Its my first GRWM video so I hope you enjoy so just click the picture and it'll take you to the video! ^_^ 

So I went out with my friends Courtney and Charlie and this is their outfits...
Courtney was wearing a dress from H&M, shoes from Ebay, bag from Newlook and she did have a Kimono on which was from Primark! You can see her full outfit in my video or check out her blog, she also dose great OOTD's too!

This is Charlies outfit, her shoes are from H&M, shorts are from Miss Selfidge, crop top from TopShop and bag also from TopShop! She also has a blog which you should go check out for really great outfit ideas! 

So I hope you like this video and let me know what you think and if you want me to do more GRWM videos! So also let me know down below what you are doing today and I hope that you have an awesome amazing day...


Pores And The Best Way To Get Rid Of Them!

First let me tell you about pores and how they get large and visible, I'm not going to get too technical but just tell you the basics! Open pores are made large either because of the build-up of dirt and grime, a lot of oil production or sometimes through ageing. Pores are a real pain, and I have super oily skin, so I know how bad they can be! Whatever causes you to have large pores can be the least of your worries as your pores are a haven for grease and dirt, which can ruin the complexion of your skin!

But don't worry there are many ways you can get rid of and reduce the sign of pores...

Professionally - 

You can pay to get many types of treatments and chemical peels like glycolic peels, which can dissolve the top layer of your skin. This helps to reduce the size of your pores and clears the trapped dirt too! However, these can get pretty pricey. The average price is from £100 ranging too £500 so pretty pricey, aye! ;) These peels can be great for other problems you may have on your skin like acne scars, fine lines, pigmentation and  redness. So your most probably thinking how do these work well... The peels have an acid which coats the skin and the inside of the pore, it also exfoliates the skin within the pore and on the surface of the skin.  The small areas inside the pores are thoroughly cleaned out which means the pore will collapse giving the illusion that the pore is smaller. 
However is it really worth paying out all that money if you can do it at home?? I honestly don't! Especially after I found out the risks of having it, which include...
  • - Infections
  • - Abnormal healing
  • - Allergic reactions
  • - If prone to herpes, possible eruption
  • - Raised or thickened scarring
  • - Unanticipated skin colour changes or skin blotchiness.

At Home!

You can also cure it at home with many different solutions. You can use a deep cleansing mask which will help to get rid of excess oil, which I have a lot of ;) So there are many you can use that target specific problems you may have, so these are a few you may want to try that are at high end and drug store prices. 

                         Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque By Kiehl's 

This mask cleanses and and helps to purify your skin and visibly minimise pores. It is made with Amazonian White Clay to gently draw out oil, dirt and toxins that clog pores. It also has Oatmeal and Aloe Vera which helps to soothe your face. You should use this one once or twice a week. 

This face mask is around £13.50 to buy for 142 gram pot which isn't too bad considering its quite high-end. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask By Neutrogena
Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask
Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask is a great product for fighting acne. It has a formula which can be used in two ways, as a daily cleanser or as a mask.

This product is dermatologist-tested and the formula has the acne-fighting power of Benzoyl Peroxide, which helps to kill bacteria and treat breakouts. It has this cooling intensity which builds up as it goes into pores. You can use it as a daily cleanser to kill bacteria. Or use as an mask for deep cleansing and extra oil control. It leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth.

This product is around £4 to £5 which is a great price for a two in one product and how amazing it is too!

                                                                                                         Kiss My Face, Potent & Pure, Pore Shrink, Deep Cleansing Mask

So this is deep cleaning clay mask which helps to get rid of the oils and bacteria from the skin that we don't want. It has cloves, tea tree, lemon-grass and other natural, organic and aromatherapeutic botanical  extracts which clean and smooth your skin's appearance. So its very technical with its long fancy names ;)

This product is great for all skin types, it is pH balanced and says its 100% biodegradable! Its price is round £8 depends where you buy it from and its a pretty good price for what it says it has in it and what the effects are so its worth trying!


The Fab Pore By Soap And Glory

This one is probably my favourite out of them all and it smells sooo good! Soap and Glory say that it is infused with SUPERFRUIT™ YUZU and Soap & Glory’s super-active secret weapon the PORESHRINK-R™! Which is a deep cleansing facial treatment. You are ment to use is once-a-week for unclogging pores and spot prevention. So once a week isn't too hard to do, unless you are badly breaking out! It is guaranteed to give exhausted skin its fresh back too! 

This product is £10 which isn't too bad, but if you read the reviews on the website you will find out how good it is for your pores! :D

So I hope you liked this post, its a bit different and more factual than what I normally do! But if you want me to do more let me know because I have learnt a lot about skin and beauty and would love to share all with you guys! so have an awesome amazing day...


My First Year At College! My Experience + Advice!

I should have dont this post a bit earlier but shhh...! So my first year has just ended and ohhhh my am I relived that everything is done for this year and summer is here! It doesn't even feel like its been and year since I finished school, I even done a post like is last year! Check it out here - Bye, Bye School Hello Summer!  ;) So I'm not sure how long this post is gonna be because I can bable on a bit ;) Its gonna be a picture heavy post too, so lets go back to the start where it all began...

First of all if you are wondering I do a Level 3 BTEC In Fashion and Clothing!

So on my first day the first person I met was Charlie (she also has a blog here - http://doe-eyedgirl.blogspot.co.uk/) We were forced to turn and talk to each other because our tutor wanted everyone to get to know each other. We then had 5 minutes to tell each other everything about our selves to tell the rest of the class. 
I found out that Charlie also had a blog like me which got us instantly talking! We then had to go to an assembly where I then started to talk to two other girls, Courtney and Chloe! (Who both have blogs here - Courtney,   Chloe) We all arranged to meet the next day out side repetition so we wont get lost in this new scary world called college! Although Courtney's has spent two years at college already, she's a granny ;) 
These are the three C's - Courtney, Charlie and Chloe! Chloe looks like shes gonna kill me and I think Courtney was posing for a picture!

We then got to know each other a lot more and found that we all have a lot in common too! I have never really gotten on with girls that great, and lets be fair they can be pretty bitchy! So I was really scared knowing that I was going to be in a class for 2 years with mostly girls, and I really didn't want what happen to me at school happen again :( However when talking to the three C's I felt like they didn't judge me, didn't care about what I looked like, dressed like or what I smelt like ;) ahah I get sweaty in summer! I knew that these guys could be friends for life, and I hope I'm right :3 - see it gets soppy ;)

I also got to know new people in my class, now looking back it feels like I've known these people for years when its only been 10 months! Next I met Sabrina, Tori, Aidan, Courtney and another Courtney... yes we have 3 Courtney in our class! We quickly bonded together and have become a great group and have some pretty fun lessons too!
I've done some pretty cool things and been to some pretty cool places in my first year. And yes we take pictures for like every place or thing we do ;) Some of these pictures are from peoples phones so sorry about the quality!
Rowans Hospice Fashion Show!
V&A Art Museum
College Cafe Selfie ;)
London Shopping Trip!
London Again!
Photography Lessons
Photoshop is amazing ;)

As me, Charlie and Courtney had a blog we got Chloe to get one too ehe! We were lucky enough to go to In Love With Fashions First Blogger event which I did do a post on so I wont bore you with here but if you want to see it click here! It was a great time to hang out with the 3 C's outside of college and it was the first time I had ever been to Oxford Street so it was a pretty big day for me!

So my advice to you guys if you are starting out in a new school, college or work is...

- Don't be shy, talk to people and make friends! Otherwise people are gonna make friends and it'll be harder to join them later in the year as they all ready have their groups of friends, this doesn't sound nice but its life :/ 

- Don't be scared, everyone else is in the same boat as you and they are feeling just as nervous!

- Stay on top of your work, as this is something I found difficult at the start of the year but once I got in the swing of it, its all good!

- Don't let anyone get you down, because they have nothing better to do with their lives so they will try to pick at you and really its not worth getting upset over as they are just immature. Trust me even though most people in my class are 17+ they still bitch about people and wont grow up! 

- Stay as organised as you can, this is something I really fail at! Make lists, plans and reminders so you stay on top of things and make sure you have two of every piece of equipment you have, because they do get lost or run out!
So my year at College went a lot better than I expected and I'm grateful for the great friends I have made, the amazing teachers and fingers cross a good grade at the end of it! If you want to see what Chloe, Charlie and Courtney thought of their year at college check out their blogs to read about it! 

So I hoped you guys like this post! Let me know if there's any posts you would like too see me do this summer because I would love to do them for you! ^_^ Until next time have an awesome, amazing day...