I Heart Fall Tag!

Heyy guys :D sooooo guess what its the FALLLLL time now and I am super duper excited because this is my favorite time of the year... and guess what..?? ITS 85 DAYS TILL CHRISTMASSS!!! I know I mad and weird but I love christmas that much I'm counting down ;) Anyway im rambling on here but my last video was the I heart fall tag and I thought I'd share it with you guys ^_^ 

The Questions...
What is your favorite lip product for fall??
What is your favorite nail polish for fall??
Whats your favorite drink in starbucks in fall??
Whats you favorite fall scent??
What is your favorite fall scarf or accessory for fall??
Haunted house, corn maze or hayride?? 
Favorite halloween movie??
Favorite candy to eat on halloween??
Whats your favorite thing about fall?? 

I hope you enjoyed watching this video if you have done this tag on your blog or youtube channel let me know because I would love to see it ^_^ and if you haven't done it then I TAG YOU!! :D ahah so have a good fall people and until next time, have an awesome amazing day...


Style Steals - Aria Montgomery!

This is my first style steal or how to dress like thingy ma bob post ^_^ So today is Aria Montgomery (aka Lucy Hale) from Pretty Little Lairs. PLL is my favorite TV show ever and they have the best fashion outfits by far :D So I'd thought i'll start of with my favorite character Aria :3
Aria's style is a mix of luxe materials, so that being leather, velvet and chiffon. She always manages to have a soft look in her outfits, skirts and dresses are used for this look :3 However what ever she wears there is always rebellious side ;) 

Aria adds little urban-chic accents with the accessories she wears :) so like the zippered heels, chain hand bags, patterned knee-highs and chunky boots, which I totally love ^_^ 
Aria collage from http://thatsamanthagirl.blogspot.co.uk/ - Check out her blog it's amazing ^_^

So how to dress like her...

Most of all you are going to need a black leather jacket! It's Aria's signature look and helps to really add that edge. You could wear a bomber, a motorcycle jacket, or anything that's just leather.

Next is statement earrings this being with feathers or huge jewels. Aria has got a tad of boho in her style, you can add this in with the feathered earrings :3 But if you want a more rich and classy statement then its all for the bling! 
Aria loves to wear dresses, this is what adds the girly and cute part of her style. She usually wears floral and vintage dresses. These are easy to find in a charity or thrift shop if you don't want to spend too much money :3
This is my favorite part about her style and it is her boots! :D Aria is obsessed with boots even in the rain and sun shine. These boots being knee-highs, slouchy boots, high-heeled or ankle boots and even the combat boots. 
 OMG Arias trousers whether they be leggings tights or jeans they are crazy and awesome and creative!! :D Get tights and Leggings that have a bold 
pattern and colors. 
I hope that you enjoyed today's blog post and got some ideas and tips on how to dress like Aria and if you would like to see more posts like this let me know and I shall make more for you ^_^ So until next time have an awesome amazing day...


Monthly Wishlist - September 2013

So its September... what da hell!! So for me September is a good and bad month. Good because its becoming Autumn which I love :3 and bad because we have to start school or college :( But this month hasn't been too bad so far because is awesome and I've made loads of new friends ^_^ But anyway I am blabbering on and lets get in to my top six things I would like this month....
First is a pair of velvet disco pants like is there anything else I could say about these, other than they are beautiful..?? :D I've always wanted a pair of velvet pant since they first came out and I saw them in Next. But also I have always wanted a pair of disco pants, and when I saw them both put together to make this amazing creation I know I have to have them!! ^_^ 

I always love Newlooks bags, so it was no difficulty finding this beauty! I have a lot of bags but they are sorta all the same style and I would like to own a satchel style bag. I love them because they give you that cute vintage feel and the colour blocks on this bag help to change your look from summer to autumn instantly!

Elf is one of my favorite places to shop if you want cheap but good quality makeup, so i'm always wanting products from them :3 I have palettes from coastal scents which are all neutrals and smokey colours and I am yet to get a colorful palette and this one is perfect!! And 100 colours :O They have dark and smokey colours to and fun fresh and bright colours so this palette will be great to use all year round too :D

For the ultimate punk rock look you need a pair of boots, not any boots but quilted lace up boots with heels!! :D these boots caught my eye and I have been obsessed with them ever since. They look super doper comfy and they heel is only 10cm which isn't to bad :3 but the only downfall is the price, being £65 :( 

5. Palka Trapeze Dress In Black - £17.99
From Missguided we have this cute little number :3 I've always wanted these types of dresses as they look to comfy and yet cute, and also they are very hot right now! You can dress it up or down, wear tights or cute knee high socks with it ^_^ or even wear it with those velvet disco pants too ^_^ 

6.  Nail Art Water Transfers Stickers Decals Casino Playing Cards - £1.50
So in my last wishlist I had the same item but a different design, these nail stickers are amazinggg!! and I want more and lots more and it makes it sooooooo much better because they are only £1.50 each! If you would like me to do a review on them I will be very happy to do that for you ^_^

I hoped you enjoyed today's blog post! Leave a comment below of whats on your wishlist, or if you have done a post on it on your blog leave a link below cause I would love to check it out ^_^ Until next time have an awesome amazing day...


Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Forecast!

So day one of London Fashion Week is over and so I'd thought i'll share with you my favorite pieces from my favorite designers there! So their collections were designed for Spring and Summer next year and we get to take a look at what is going to be trending in the year 2014 :D

Firstly, is a new designer to me and that is Norma Kamali, who I have never seen before, she is an american fashion designer based in New York. Her collection was very simple and slick but also sophisticated as well ^_^ She only seemed to use the colours black white and grey which I found quite interesting...
Next is Calvin Klein who has again taken the minimalist approach. The clothes were described as standing away from the body because the clothes were some what made to be over sized, with floating organza and deep cuffs. The colours are again black and white with the added pastel garment thrown in there, does this mean that monochrome is still gonna be a massive hit next year too??? 
Betsey Johnson's collections and runway shows never fail to make me smile ^_^ her collection altered between patterned garments to block colours. It started with the ditsy floral patterns which are always a big hit in the spring summer time to the classic white... to the most exciting part for me in her collection was the leopard print :D
And last but not least we have Jeremy Scott who's collection was one of my favorites out of them all because of the colours in his garments. His designs remind me of the 60's and 70's fashion but with a modern twist to them :D And OMG a pink leather suit.. can you get any better than that..!?!?! I also love the way he has transformed the Chanel jacket and made it fun and colorful! 

So I hope you enjoyed reading this post today and leave a comment below of your favorite collection and designer so far at London's fashion week :D
Have an awesome amazing day...


Where Have I Been... ITALY!! and Whats In My Travel Makeup Bag!!

So I have been away for a whole two weeks :O what da hell!! But I have been on holiday to the lovely Italy :3 I went to Lake Garda which was beyond beautiful, and the resort I stayed in was called Malcesine ^_^ I went there for my cousin Vicki's wedding to her fiance Antony, and let me just say the wedding was beautiful it was a perfect day! Even tho It did thunder storm at the end of the evening, but by then everyone was too drunk to care ;)

here are a few pics for yal :3
The Lake ^_^
The Castle :3
Since I went away I thought i'll do a whats in my travel makeup bag ^_^ so if you are interested, please check out my youtube channel :3

I hope you enjoyed the video my next one should be up soon hopefully ^_^ and until next time have an awesome amazing day...