Style Steals - Aria Montgomery!

This is my first style steal or how to dress like thingy ma bob post ^_^ So today is Aria Montgomery (aka Lucy Hale) from Pretty Little Lairs. PLL is my favorite TV show ever and they have the best fashion outfits by far :D So I'd thought i'll start of with my favorite character Aria :3
Aria's style is a mix of luxe materials, so that being leather, velvet and chiffon. She always manages to have a soft look in her outfits, skirts and dresses are used for this look :3 However what ever she wears there is always rebellious side ;) 

Aria adds little urban-chic accents with the accessories she wears :) so like the zippered heels, chain hand bags, patterned knee-highs and chunky boots, which I totally love ^_^ 
Aria collage from - Check out her blog it's amazing ^_^

So how to dress like her...

Most of all you are going to need a black leather jacket! It's Aria's signature look and helps to really add that edge. You could wear a bomber, a motorcycle jacket, or anything that's just leather.

Next is statement earrings this being with feathers or huge jewels. Aria has got a tad of boho in her style, you can add this in with the feathered earrings :3 But if you want a more rich and classy statement then its all for the bling! 
Aria loves to wear dresses, this is what adds the girly and cute part of her style. She usually wears floral and vintage dresses. These are easy to find in a charity or thrift shop if you don't want to spend too much money :3
This is my favorite part about her style and it is her boots! :D Aria is obsessed with boots even in the rain and sun shine. These boots being knee-highs, slouchy boots, high-heeled or ankle boots and even the combat boots. 
 OMG Arias trousers whether they be leggings tights or jeans they are crazy and awesome and creative!! :D Get tights and Leggings that have a bold 
pattern and colors. 
I hope that you enjoyed today's blog post and got some ideas and tips on how to dress like Aria and if you would like to see more posts like this let me know and I shall make more for you ^_^ So until next time have an awesome amazing day...



  1. great post! the steals look just as good. and i actually like the leather jacket from the steals category better than the more expensive one. thank you for sharing.


    1. Awww thank you very much ^_^ And no problem :3 Emma xxx

  2. we love Aria's style, and you have definitely captured it with these looks!

    1. Ah, me too :D And thank you very much :3 Emma xxxx

  3. I love love love pretty little liars so much:)

  4. Ahhh. I love Aria. She is my favorite character.

  5. Ahhh. I love Aria. She is my favorite character.

  6. Ahhh. I love Aria. She is my favorite character.