Spring/Summer 2014 Beauty Trends - Rebellious Liner

 Spring/summer 2014 is going to bring in lots of different hair, makeup and beauty trends. This first on is one of my favourites because you can go wrong with a bit of eye liner! All you need is a dark eye liner and some attitude to wear this rebelish look. Its not the normal flicks, cat eye or winged eye liner, streak along the lower lash line  and top to create an almond shape. Then just smudge to prefect it! To create the look I would recommend to us a kohl eye liner as they are easiest to smudge and mould to what shape you want. You should get one that's smooth and soft otherwise the smudge wont  look effortless.
So here's a few eye liner I would recommend...

I think that these eyes look best paired with natural-looking skin, so no blush or bronzer and mascara-free lashes, this will help create a bad girl take on your natural beauty. This trend was seen a lot on runways for spring/summer 2014, inculding Carven, Missoni, Stella McCartney and lots more!

I hope you liked this quick little post and tell me below what you think of this beauty trend, and would you wear it?? Until next time have an awesome amazing day...


The Spring Has Sprung Tag!

Over here in England Spring, unfortunately has not sprung yet. It's raining outside! Even though it is April so April showers are expected, however outside right now I don't think its a shower, more like a storm! Anyway onto the tag, I've seen this one float around many blog's and youtube's and I really like the questions so I did it pretty much. I was going to wait until it really gets Springy here but I doubt that's going to happen!
So first of all I did a video on this tag which you can watch if you click on the picture, that's if I linked it right ;) But if you would rather read my answers keep reading...

Spring Has Sprung Tag Questions! 

 Question 1.

What are some spring trends you're looking forward to the most?

I really like all he pastel colour even though they most probably wont look good on me because I'm really pale. But I also love the festival fashion which has come back a few years now and excelled as a style!

Question 2.

What's your favourite spring clothing piece?

Oooh kimonos are my all time favourite! They are so easy to wear and come in so many amazing patterns.

Question 3.

What do you do during spring break?

Well in England we don't have a spring break but we have an Easter holiday which could be our vision. But I do not do anything in particular, I just see family, hang with friends and chill.

Question 4.

Is it warm or cold in Spring where you live?

Well its raining outside and its windy so its pretty cold!

Question 5.

What is your favourite spring lip colour?

Anything bright and neon, bright pinks are my favourite! Oh and pastel colours like the ones from lime crime.

Question 6.

Favourite spring nail polish colour?

Again anything bright and summery so bright pinks pale blues, like these Avon nail polishes I just reviewed! - http://tinyurl.com/p4pmk6s

Question 7.

Favourite spring colour?

I think you may know, but just encase its bright pink! ;) 

Question 8.

Favourite starbucks drink during spring?

I don't actually go to starbucks as I think its too overpriced and I don't like tea or coffee! But for any drink it would be lemonade.

Question 9.

Do you add colour to your make-up for spring?

Yes I do, I would do a brighter lip and blush, I don't do much different with my eye shadow. But recently I've been wearing blue mascara!

Question 10.

What are you most excited for spring 2014?

My birthday which is on the 6th of May and I'm going to be 17 like holy smokes! I'm kinda excited ehe!

So I hope you all go do this tag if you haven't already and have an awesome amazing day! 


Avon Nailwear Pro+ and Nail Gems Review!

So cause my Nan is so nice she decided to get me a little gift. She knows that I like to try new products, especially nail polish, so she got me some products from Avon. I already have some of their nail polishes and love them so I know that these should be just as good!
So the nail polishes are the Nailwear Pro+, these are there selection of polishes that have acrylic gel in them for strength and Dura-Plus Complex. They are meant to have 12 days of lasting colour, and also they have a shine and nick-resistant finish. So far I can say that the strength part has worked really well as my nails are so strong, so if you have weak nails this would be a great nail polish for you. The lasting power of the polish is fab it lasts at least 4 to 5 days without chipping so it could easily do a week. However I'm not sure if it dose last 12 days as I haven't had it on that long, but the reviews on their site shows that it can stretch that far! Then lastly for the shine, its not super shiny but just enough to make your nails look polished, and the nick-resistant so far has been amazing! This is a huge plus for me as some how I always chip my nail polish so fast, so to not have to re-paint my nails is such a time saver!
The colours I got are Sea Breeze and Viva Pink, and I absolutely love these colours and they are perfect for spring and summer! Avon have a wide selection of colours for this type of polish, they have 20 more excluding the ones I have!
So this next product is their Nail Gems, they are very brightly coloured gems which helps to create a professional looking nail art. I've never tried nail gems before because I really don't have the patience to sit and try and pick up small gems and faff around trying to get them on. So really I was thinking putting them on would be a mare, but hold up... It was so easy! Avon has easily separated out the gems in this cool little container which you can turn the top to get the gems out that you want so they do not go everywhere. Also if you by the nail gems you get a applicator half price. Which I would defiantly recommend getting as it helps a lot!
It was so much easier to pick them up and place on my nails! Its brilliant for any nail art and great for precision, its made from stainless steel and is about 9cm in length.

So this is how my nails came out, now I'm not a professional or good at nail art so don't judge ;) But for my first attempt I think I did pretty well! You can see that the gems are very small which in some cases can be good if you want to add load but at times can me a but fiddly. When my Nan gave me these it didn't come with instructions which kinda sucks, but I look on their website and they said that when your nail polish is drying add the gems then once dry add a top coat. This did work however I felt they didn't stay on for too long and if one falls off then your left with a hole in your nail polish. So what I did was used eyelash glue to stick them down which worked so well and they have lasted longer than I expected!

The price of everything is very reasonable, the nail polish being £6 each and at they are half price on their website! The gems being £3 and now are £2.50 and the applicator being £3 on its own but brought with the gems £1.50. I think that Avon nail polishes are defiantly one of my top favourite brands, and I can't wait to try more products by them! Overall I would recommend this product to anyone, epically for the gems it can be great way to create amazing nail are for pros, or beginners to nail art like me. 

I hoped you liked this review, leave comments below on what your thoughts are on these products and what you think about avon ^_^ until next time have an awesome, amazing day...