Where Have I Been!?

It's been a while hasn't it? How have you all been? Oh! and have a look around, does it look different? First of all have have taken time to change the way my blog looks, I wanted it to be more professional and I really love it! What do you guys think? I also have a portfolio page above you can click on and see the bloggers I have worked with! And if our in need of a OOTD photographer then drop me an email!

First reason why I haven't blogged in a while is because I went on holiday with all of my friends. This was to the lake district and was the most fun I've had with those guys and the best thing I've done since turning 18. We rented out a massive cottage and did tonnes of activities like paint-balling and go ape! I have made a video of this which is going to be about an hour long and I may upload it on YouTube so when I have I'll put a link below so you can watch it!