No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

So I got this skincare set from my Nan (so thanks Nan aha!) Which was full of No7 skincare and, of course, I was eager to try! The first product is the Beautiful Skin, Hot Cloth Cleanser, I tried this one first as I have never used a cleanser before so I wanted to see if it made my skin any different. This product was created to provide your skin with a healthy, bright and beautiful look.
The one I have is a mini because it came in a set, normally the bottle is has 200ml worth of cleanser and you also get a exfoliating muslin cloth. This is used to removes dead skin cells and daily grime that builds up on your face. 

There is a specific routine to use the cleanser and the cloth, though you don't have to follow it, but No7 say that this method gives you the best results. So first you gently massage the product over dry skin in upward circular motions. Then take the muslin cloth and make it wet it hot water at a heat that's comfortable for you wring out the water and then place the cloth over your face. This is so your pores open up, and leave this for a few minutes. Next you use the cloth to polish of the cleanser in circular motions. Finish with splashing your face with cool water to close your pores and then dry. 

 I find it so easy to use the cleanser has a thick and soft texture to it which feels really nice to place over your face. There is a nice smell which isn't too strong and is light, very spa like. For the amount you have to place on your face I only use one to one and a half of a pump, and for using this product for over a month there is loads left in the bottle. So if you were to buy the full sized bottle it would last you for a life time! 

I did try using the cleanser without the cloth but I feel that you need to use this because the thick and creaminess of it make it hard to rinse easily on its own. The cloth helps to remove the cleanser in an easy and quick way as well as exfoliating your face to further the cleaning. However, through using the cloth a lot it hasn't held up as much as I would have hoped, so if this is a product you are interested in getting I would advice to get your own cloth, although I do like the fact that you get a cloth in the first place and don't have to buy it seperatly. 

I don't use this cleanser everyday as I feel that, for me personally, that its too much for my skin which is very sensitive. But I do use it most days when I break out with spots badly and it clears them up amazingly as well as super fast! The cleanser and the process you use leaves your skin feeling fresh and not tight or dry, which for me, most products do and I have to moisturize immediately after. But the cleansers creamy texture leaves my skin moisturized. 

The product helps to remove dirt and take makeup off so if I use this cleanser I tend to use it in the evening when I take my makeup off, so everything that was built up during the day I can wipe away. 

I always like to review the packaging of the product even if it is just going to be placed in my bathroom cabinet. I really like the large pump, its really convenient and gives you the right amount without wasting any. The bottle is plastic which is easy to wipe off if it gets messy. As well as the bottle being clear so you will always know how much product is left its simple yet stylish. 

The price I think is very reasonable especially for the amount of product you get and how long it lasts. The size available from Boots is 200ml and is £9.95, which again I think is really good especially as you get a cloth with it as well. I defiantly think that I will be buying this again as it is so gentle on your skin as well as easy and effective. Its great time saver for your skin care routine meaning you wont have to use as many products to get the same effect. Its suitable for anyone, though if your like me and have sensitive skin you can still use it but not to regularly. So if you want to grab yourself one click the link below!

No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know below if you have tried this product and if you have tried any other cloth cleaners as well!


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