Are You Washing Your Hair Right?

So are you?? One way to tell is if you get those days when you think your hair is clean because you have just washed it. But then later in the day your hair feels kinda gross and greasy? This mainly because you either washed your hair too fast and didn't wash all the product out, or just in your normal washes as well! Not washing your hair properly can create impurities in your hair and causes blemishes along your hairline.
Every time I go to the hair dressers and they wash my hair, I'm always left thinking why can't I wash my hair like that! My hair is left feeling soft and silky for days. So I got searching and found some pretty interesting results which I wanted to share with you guys! I'll be telling you today some ways in how, what and when you should wash your hair. 

First and most important is that you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday. My hair gets greasy after a day because it gets really oily, really fast. And yes I do wash my hair everyday, because I ain't going out with no greasy hair! But you can train your hair not to get oily as quick. Your hair produces natural oils and every time you wash your hair your washing them out so your head produces more. So what you can do is just grin and bare washing it every other day or three days so your hair can control its natural oil flow. If you are worried about your roots looking greasy, as I know that's something I'll be worried about, just spray your roots with dry shampoo or water and then restyle with your blow-dryer! 
Some stylists have said that "How often you wash your hair depends on your texture," and that "Finer hair needs to be washed daily or every other day; thicker or coarser hair can get washed every second day or even twice or once a week." So I learnt that if you are much like me and have fine hair, use a  volumizing conditioner in place of your shampoo every other wash as this will stop stripping your hair of its natural oils.

When actually putting on the shampoo we should only use a penny sized amount.... I shouldn't but I go way past that a put way too much on! Your whole head doesn't actually need to be lathered in shampoo for it to get clean! Fun fact - if you use sulfate-free shampoo it wont lather up much at all! All you need to do is massage the shampoo into your roots and use water to help spread it down to the rest of your hair. The only reason why you should be applying shampoo to the lower part of your hair is if you have product in it from that day. I only apply Conditioner to my ends so they can get moisture and help with split ends. 

Most of us don't know that we are washing our hair with water that's way too hot, this is not good! What happens is the hot water opens up the hair follicles and makes your hair strands prone to become dry and they well be weak and break easily. What you should do is shampoo and condition your hair under lukewarm water, but not boiling hot! Then when you are finished washing change to cold water, however daunting that may seem as it dose give you a shocker when to put cold water on your head! You should do this as it closes the hair follicle and gives it shine!

This ones for you gals and guys who have dyed hair! Coloured hair can absorb and release water much more easily than hair that's not. So what happens is that when the water leaves, so does some of the colour! Which is not what you what, right? So hold off on rinsing for those few extra minutes, as you don't want to over rinse your hair so the colour comes out. Also, like the last point, stick to lukewarm or cooler water because the hotter water makes your hair lose colour faster!

If you do research into this you will find loads and loads of different results on how you should was your hair, but these were the 4 that I thought were the most important and I hope you gals and guys learnt from this post and you will be hair washing experts! So until next time have a awesome amazing day...


What I Got For Christmas 2014!

Lets start with saying I hope you guys all had a very merry Christmas and will have a happy new year when it comes around ^_^ So I've never really done one of these posts before as I've never really felt like it but I know that they are popular posts and videos! 

So I know some of you guys may see this as bragging and showing off, and this is not what I'm trying to do I just know people like to read this and I do myself. As I find them a great way to get ideas for presents for your birthday if it's coming up or a family or friends birthday too! So there's ma disclaimer for ya ;) Even though if my family read this they'll be like what are you doing??? but to the family who reads this, its excepted in the beauty blogger community to share things like this!

So I am really great full for all the presents I received this year and blessed to have a lovely family. However this year I found that I was more excited to see my family rather than getting excited about the presents,  which I think Christmas should be about, cause it's the best time of the year to get all your family together, and everyone is happy! And I think I  was more excited to see my little cousin open her presents, who's 4, because she got loads of sylvanian  families which is what I used to play with as a kid!
I dunno if Mum, Dad and luke are gonna kill me for this picture but we always take a picture before we eat our dinner and I really love these guys and this picture!

So let's get on to the prezzies! First present I got was on the 19th of December because my friend had a Christmas party and we did secret santa and my friend Kira (who also has a blog here) kirabassett and she got me a selection box of chocolates which I've already eaten! And also a set of 3 Calvin Klein lipsticks which are is such pretty shades which are great for this time of year!
Even tho me and my Bro are 17 and 19 we still get a stocking ;) never to old aye! So these present are from santa and I got 2 tubes of sweets cause you can't get enough of them at Christmas!
A packet of socks which have all these cute designs on and I believe santa got the from Next! Just look at that amazing foot photograph, I should be a sock model!
More socks! These ones omg are amazing they have polar bears on and if you don't know polar bears are my favourite animal!
And lastly I got this nivea make up bag which is faux leather and it's soo soft! And inside it comes with makeup wipes, make eye remover which I've actually wanted to try! And a really nice face moisturiser,
So my Bro got me a few things first is two tops from Next and the first one is just plain black with a high low back which has fashion on because it's what I do act college and he thought it suited me ahah! The next one may be true but think it is but it says "I'm kind of a big deal on my blog" I most probably took a better picture where you can actually see what's on there but I thought this picture was too funny, I think I was mid dance or something! Do I really pull a face like that when I dance...
Him and my mum and dad also got me a frozen pencil case cause.... yeah.. I'm cool like that ;) and my cuz got one too!
Then this masqurade mask which is.... amazing! And my mum and dad know I want to have a masqurade themed party for my 18th,
So polar bears are my favourite animal but I do really like penguins too and I got some penguin pj's which I actually opened on Christmas eve because my mum wanted me to wear them for Christmas morning, and we have matching ones too, bless her! :3
And again with the penguin theme they got me a penguin puzzle and I haven't done a puzzle in yearrss! 
So my main present  from my Mum and Dad I got a tablet and I got the Samsung galaxy tab 4 and I got the 8 inch one ^_^ to go with it I just got a screen protector cause my parents don't trust me! and a blue case which is from fyy if you were wondering,
From my Nan, Grandad, Auntie and Uncle I got the most beautiful thing of existence (apart from Zac Effron) which is the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette, and I am completely and utterly in love with it! I will definitely be doing a review of it of you guys and maybe some tutorials or FOTD with it!
My Auntie and Uncle also got me this gorgeous kimono because they know how much I love them! And this is by a brand which is sold in debenhams and it has pockets and slits on the sides and it's finished of really nicely to :3
Of course they can't go a Christmas with out getting me and my brother a selection box each !
So my Nan and Grandad also got me this set of 17 nail polished and the shades are all so lovely and I can't wait to go paint my nails!  17 Is  boots own brand like no7,  but if your not from the UK you can ship internationally on their website, ooh and I've have brought their nail polished before and they are amazeballs!
And another section box too!
So from my other Nan and Grandad I got mainly money but I'm not gonna say how much! As well as some pairs of kickers which I'm not kinda showing you guys either ;)
My nan knows I love Avon products and their makeup especially so she got me three nail polishes which are actually a new range in Avon Nan was telling me! 
As well as two eye-liners from their new Glimmerstick Diamonds range, so expect a review on the nail polishes and eye-liners to come soon! 
I also got some new slippers from them as my ones my Bro got me last year are dead! And they are sooooo soft ermuggrrd!  And they are from Accessorize but if you need new slipper you need to try these baby's out!
Lastly from them I got this lip smacker thing which has 3 lipseals in which are in the flavours coca cola, sprite and Fanta and they all taste like the drink.... omg it's amazing!
Then very last my other Auntie and her Boyfriend got me some money also and this pretty little box with this adorable set of earrings and my favourite place is Paris and the Eiffel tower is just perfect and I will definitely be wearing them lots!
Last but not least they know how much I take selfies so I got a selfie stick to put my phone on to get that perfect selfie! And it's also handy because you can fit go pros in there and I want to get one for when I go on holiday with my friends next year so I can totally use the stick to take pictures and film when out on walks and activities!
So I hope you guys like this post, let me know down  below what you got for Christmas,  what your fave present is, what you best memory from this Christmas!  And if you have done  post or video on this too let me know because if would love to be nosey and see what you guys got! Until next time have an awesome amazing day...


Quick Last Minute Halloween DIY - Glowing Eyes!

This is a super easy fun Halloween DIY which takes less than an hour to do and super cheap too! Its super effective especially in the dark and hidden in your bushes and trees, and It will freak people out when they trick or treat to your house as it looks like eyes are watching you! So keep reading if you wanna see what I used and how I made them...
So you will need Glow sticks to make the eyes glow. I actually used these Cyalume safety lightsicks as they last 30 minutes of high intensity glow and last an extra hour or so fading out. They are also non-toxic, non-flammable and also weather proof which is good for this time of year as you never know when its gonna rain! 

You will need some kitchen roll tubes, or toilet roll tubes or any tubes you want really ;) But just something you can cut eyes in and fits a glow stick in the inside!

Lastly a pencil to draw the eyes on so you know where to cut, otherwise they will be all over the place! Trust me I've tried! Also some small scissors like embroidery scissors or nail scissors will do fine. This is so you can cut obviously but it can be quite tricky if you use big ones!
So I just started out with roughly drawing out some ideas of eyes on paper, these are the ones a chose to do. This was just a guide for when drawing onto the tube. I chose to do some easy some hard to do, you also have to work out what you are cutting do any details you want to keep stay on. 
So it should come out something like this. You see my cutting skills are not the best but too be fair it doesn't really need to be the neatest think in the world as its going to be tucked away in a tree or bush! 
So I took this at 6pm and its pretty dark outside already so when people come visit your house to trick or treat you can really see them well! You would want to make sure that your glow stick is smaller than your tube so that is doesn't stick or glow out of the sides. I also did find that some glow sticks can be very bright so they still do glow out the sides, so make sure to either put in a bush so you can see this or stick a piece of card which wont let through to both sides! 

So this is pretty simple aye! Super quick easy and effective at the same time if you want to add a little more to your garden this Halloween! There are also so many different designs you could come up with too! I hope you enjoyed reading and if you do it let me know and send me a picture! I know its kinda late and actually on the day of Halloween but I've been a busy be you see ;) So I apologise, but until next time have a awesome amazing, oooh and spooooky  day....


Belissimo Lips Review!

So today I'm doing a quite an exciting review for you guys! I got sent some Belissimo Lips from Belissimo Boutique, and mine is in the colour Rose. I was really excited to get these in the post to try as I have never seen anything like this and I really like the idea of it! I think this product would be great when going to party's like Halloween or New Years and if you want to make a statement. I actually went out with these glittery lips and I got so many people ask me what I was wearing, how much they liked the colour and how good it looks! 
So to start off I really like the way they sent the product as it was in a bubble wrap envelop so noting will break and it was all safe. Also the glitter, glue, cotton buds and card came in a little bag, which I think was a really nice way to package and looked nice too! The glitter comes in a little pot with the name of the product on, it looks quite small however there is a lot of glitter in it! I have used this colour twice and you can hardly see the fact I've used any! The only thing you need to be careful is that the pot is filled to the top, so if your clumsy like me try not to spill it! 

There are loads of colours to chose from... and when I mean loads... I mean LOADS! You are literally spoiled for choice! Some of the colours they include are Red, Tea Rose, Candy Pink, Purple, Frosted CoralLilac, Holographic FuchsiaChrome Silver, Black, Blue Gold, Iridescent Peach, Lavender, Rose, Yellow Gold, Gilded Peach, Gunmetal Grey, Iridescent Snow!
You also get a glue too which is obviously to help the glitter stick! This glue is made to be gentle to your lips and not hurt, it doesn't sting or irritate my lips so I'm very impressed with that. Its also specially formulated for sensitive skin! This glue is water based which makes it very easy apply to your lips too. It says that you should apply with a clean cotton bud however I found it easier to just use the brush the bottle comes with on the lid. I love the shape of the bottle as it reminds me of the nail polish bottles I used to have as a kid! Oohh and this glue is also safe to use on children's lips too!
It also comes with a little card with all of Belissimos links which I will have linked at the bottom as well as where you can get the products! On the other side has clear instructions on how to apply the product and how too remove which is very helpful. Before applying you will have too remove any lipstick or lip gloss you have on with a non-oil cleanser.
So you have to apply the glue first and like I said they say to use a cotton bud to apply but I found it easier to use the brush instead. I learnt that its better to do one lip first and then the other as the lip your not putting glitter on, the glue will dry. 

I then just took one of the cotton pads you get with the product and dipped it in the glitter and applied over my lips until everything is covered. You then want to brush of the excess glitter, I also used a makeup wipe to get glitter off the rest of my face as it does go everywhere aha!

You then have to wait for it to dry and you have to do this with you lips apart other wise they will stick! The card says that while drying you should avoid eating, drink and kissing! 

If you then want to take it off you just remove with a cleansing wipe or oil based cleanser. Pretty simple aye!
I really do love this product and dramatic effect you get, the glitter is so pigmented and vibrant! Certainly draws eyes too! I will say the only problem I have with it is that you can't really eat with it on. You can drink but I recommend using a strap for that though. On their website they say that it is designed to last 12 hours which for me it didn't! It was completely fine for the first few hours, then I wanted to test eating with it and they say not to eat grease food so I didn't but I found that it started to peel! Besides this I really don't think I or most people will wear it up to 12 hours anyway, if your going to party and wearing just make sure you eat before you go and drink from a straw!

So it is £13 for one Belissimo Lips. You may think that this expensive for some glitter and glue, but think... the glue is specially formulated not you be harsh on your lips and you do get a lot of glitter! There's got to be more than 20 uses of it there which means your paying like 50p for each time you wear it! If that makes any sense ;)

So if you are interested in buying the one I have tried which is in rose you can get it here -

Belissimo don't only do these glitter lips but they are a whole boutique that sell gifts, clothing, accessories, jewellery, homeware and beauty! So definatly check out there whole website as they have sooo many amazing products!

Also don't forget to follow them on social media too!

Instagram -

Twitter -

Facebook -

So I really hope you guys like this post and thank you to Belissimo for sending me these to review too! Until next time have an awesome amazing day...


Pssttt..... also my friend Matt said that these lips look hot, so girls if you wanna look hot at a party you should wear these ;) Go follow him on Instagram -

Autumn Tag!

So I tagged by my good friend Chloe over at Fashionablycoy, she is a newish blogger and you should defiantly go check her out! So she tagged me in doing the autumn tag which is obviously what today's post is gonna be!  

Favourite thing about Autumn?

So I think that my favourite things about autumn has got to be the fact that halloween is getting nearer, the nights are getting darker and me and my mum can watch horror movies all night! It dose mean also Christmas is getting closer too and oohhh my I am excited! 61 days I have you know! 

Favourite Drink?

I don't actually drink hot drinks anytime of year so it wont be a hot chocolate like most people but... is it weird that I drink Lemonade most at this time of year?? 

Favourite scent/candle?

This one is quite hard for me as my Mum and Dad wont let me burn candles in the house as they think that I would burn the house down.. which I most probably would! But I do have a candle which is a Yankee Candle in Fluffy Towels which I really like. I don't actually like warm spicy scents for this time of year cause they kinda make me feel sick!

Best lipstick?

Im not one for wearing lipstick I'm more of a lipgloss kinda gal! But I do like wearing a bold red or dark purple in this weather, and the red makes me feel all christmasy.. I know weird right ;) But if I had to chose on it would be Smooth Plum from Avon.

Go-to moisturiser?

My mum gave me Niveas Aqua Effect Moisturizing Day Cream not to long ago and I have been loving it! Dry skin is what I suffer with mostly in the autumn winter time and It just makes my skin feel sooo nice!

Go-to colour for the eyes?

I would say that I totally darken up my eyeshadow with more purples too! I also love using an Avon liner in Majestic Plum on my lash line too! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the name of that eyeliner tho!!

Favourite music to listen to?

My music taste tends to stay the same all year round, yes I listen to Christmas music all year round... why not!?! But lately I have been getting back into Fall Out Boy and their songs Phoenix and Young Volcanoes are my favourite! 

Favourite outfit to wear?

For the autumn time I still get hot so I'm not so much wearing jumpers and coats, but I love wearing my boyfriend jacket and chunky Chelsea boots. Oh and I also love wearing skirts and dresses with tights! And the other day I got some tights with fleece in and they are the softest things ever!

Autumn treat?

I would have to say it would be Halloween as it is my favourite time of year, and I have an excuse to watch horror movies over and over again! As well as carving pumpkins and dressing up too!

Favourite place to be?

I had to think about this one quite hard because I don't tend to go out to a specific place when in the Autumn time. However I will be cliché and say being inside in the warm when its cold and rainy outside.

So thats my Autumn tag I hope you liked! Don't forget go check out Chloe's blog and go follow her!! Here are the people I tag, and if I haven't tagged you personally then you can still do it and let me know if you do! 

I tag....


See you guys later and until next time have an awesome amazing day...


Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Makeup Tutorial!

So I've finally out up my first Halloween tutorial for this year! They would have been up earlier but I've been really ill and couldn't speak pretty much so a voice over was a no go! So I left it till I got better and my voice over is still a bit dodgy as I kept coughing every 5 seconds aha but I felt like it needed on. So please ignore my voice over and bad explaining! 

So I was reading the true story of little red riding hood and it was really dark so I wanted to do a quite dramatic and dark take with the makeup! I've seen lots of tutorials on this type of look but I wanted to do something that was super easy and use products that pretty much everyone will have so you don't have to go out and by new products!

So I hope you like this and I hopefully will have two more Halloween tutorials up next week and a foodie video too!
So until next time have an awesome amazing day...


OMG I'm Such A Bad Blogger!

So where do I start... god knows aha! Well you may have seen that I haven't blogged in the longest time, and It actually makes me sad thinking about it! I feel like I've kinda let you guys down in a weird way too! But I do first wanna say thank you as I haven't even blogged in over a month and you guys are still reading my blog, commenting and following! Which always helps to inspire me to do more posts. However lately I really haven't had time, and I'll explain why...

So first is pretty much my excuse every time I slack at blogging and that is because of college. I think that is an okay excuse as college is quite important but the work has be really stressful so far this year as it is my final year and next week is my first assessment week. So I've been trying to work my butt off! 

Next is I have been ill a few times, and I'm ill right now! When I'm ill I never get any inspiration and I don't feel motivated, but I am on the mend and I have soooooo many great post ideas and I'm quite excited about them!!  

Lastly I was on TV.... yes tv like what!?!?! So Steve Holden from BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat tweeted me asking if I wanted to film a day in my life and how I use social media. I had a Go-Pro and filmed my day and you get to see how many times I checked my phone and what apps I use most! The team at Newsbeat did a really great job at editing what I film and if you want to see it you can check it out here.... (they picked the best thumbnail of my chins ;) 

So once again sorry for not blogging in a while! But I have a lot played for the rest of the year and its 10 weeks till Christmas and 15 days till Halloween... say what! ;) So hopefully some Halloween tutorials for this year too! So until next time have an awesome amazing day....


Fashion Forecast - Autumn 2014 - Festival Folk!

 So to start off with the different trends this Autumn time, (which is always my favourite time for fashion!) it is pretty the Summer festival trend but just transitioned for the colder days! We'll be seeing a lot of the same floral bohemian prints, flowy garments and neutral colours. A lot of different designers have incorporated sheepskin, suede and leather to their collections which adds to the folk look! The prints are very much country inspired, florals and Aztec type prints which are usually embroidered onto the garment.

This look was seen across lots of different runways with such designers as Tommy Hilfiger, Pucci and Burberry Prorsum, which were my favourites!

Tommy Hilfigers collection is more casual and chilled compare to the other two designers. I really like how everything is very fresh and clean cut, there's nothing too floaty and the garments are very structured. Leather, sheepskin and suede was see throughout the collection, especially within his coats and jackets like above. I also like how he has used very Autumnal colours but adds in the odd teal blue, and vibrant orange which catches your eyes instantly! There was only a few distinctive patterns in the collection, the first obvious one is checkers and tartan like above. I love how each one has different sized lines/squares and how there are multiple colours. The second pattern is the Aztec print, but only subtly, which helps to give that ski wear look.
Next is Pucci which is a lot more glam, with the dresses being heavily embroidered and with much wilder prints. There is a lot of fur being seen, from a small amount on the collar to a whole coat or vest being made. I love the intricate and detailed patterns, which takes a very geometric form, I also like the colour combinations they used in the prints. However, I do feel that some of the prints can be too much especially on the jumpsuit in picture no.6 I feel like only the top or bottom should have a print and the other be a block colour to even it out! The colours are very neutral, a lot of dark browns are used and mostly with the leather. They have also added the vibrant orange just like Tommy Hilfigers, this colour could be very big this Autumn!

Lastly its Burberry which never fail to impress me! I've seen a lot of ponchos in this collection which I really like as they have re-invented it with new prints and fabrics, my favourite one is suede on one side and fur on the other. Burberry's garments are a lot more flowy than the other two, which is nice to see, the have the bohemian shape and colours but with an abstract print. I like the tone of yellow which they have incorporated as I didn't see it too much and I kinda like it especially with the floral print they paired with it. 

So do you guys like this trend for Autumn, what's your thoughts on it? Let me know below! Also who's your favourite collection you've seen for A/W 2014? I hope you liked this post and don't forget to follow me on GFC or Bloglovin so you don't miss my next fashion forecast so you know the other trends for this Autumn! Until next time have an awesome amazing day...