What I Got For Christmas 2014!

Lets start with saying I hope you guys all had a very merry Christmas and will have a happy new year when it comes around ^_^ So I've never really done one of these posts before as I've never really felt like it but I know that they are popular posts and videos! 

So I know some of you guys may see this as bragging and showing off, and this is not what I'm trying to do I just know people like to read this and I do myself. As I find them a great way to get ideas for presents for your birthday if it's coming up or a family or friends birthday too! So there's ma disclaimer for ya ;) Even though if my family read this they'll be like what are you doing??? but to the family who reads this, its excepted in the beauty blogger community to share things like this!

So I am really great full for all the presents I received this year and blessed to have a lovely family. However this year I found that I was more excited to see my family rather than getting excited about the presents,  which I think Christmas should be about, cause it's the best time of the year to get all your family together, and everyone is happy! And I think I  was more excited to see my little cousin open her presents, who's 4, because she got loads of sylvanian  families which is what I used to play with as a kid!
I dunno if Mum, Dad and luke are gonna kill me for this picture but we always take a picture before we eat our dinner and I really love these guys and this picture!

So let's get on to the prezzies! First present I got was on the 19th of December because my friend had a Christmas party and we did secret santa and my friend Kira (who also has a blog here) kirabassett and she got me a selection box of chocolates which I've already eaten! And also a set of 3 Calvin Klein lipsticks which are is such pretty shades which are great for this time of year!
Even tho me and my Bro are 17 and 19 we still get a stocking ;) never to old aye! So these present are from santa and I got 2 tubes of sweets cause you can't get enough of them at Christmas!
A packet of socks which have all these cute designs on and I believe santa got the from Next! Just look at that amazing foot photograph, I should be a sock model!
More socks! These ones omg are amazing they have polar bears on and if you don't know polar bears are my favourite animal!
And lastly I got this nivea make up bag which is faux leather and it's soo soft! And inside it comes with makeup wipes, make eye remover which I've actually wanted to try! And a really nice face moisturiser,
So my Bro got me a few things first is two tops from Next and the first one is just plain black with a high low back which has fashion on because it's what I do act college and he thought it suited me ahah! The next one may be true but think it is but it says "I'm kind of a big deal on my blog" I most probably took a better picture where you can actually see what's on there but I thought this picture was too funny, I think I was mid dance or something! Do I really pull a face like that when I dance...
Him and my mum and dad also got me a frozen pencil case cause.... yeah.. I'm cool like that ;) and my cuz got one too!
Then this masqurade mask which is.... amazing! And my mum and dad know I want to have a masqurade themed party for my 18th,
So polar bears are my favourite animal but I do really like penguins too and I got some penguin pj's which I actually opened on Christmas eve because my mum wanted me to wear them for Christmas morning, and we have matching ones too, bless her! :3
And again with the penguin theme they got me a penguin puzzle and I haven't done a puzzle in yearrss! 
So my main present  from my Mum and Dad I got a tablet and I got the Samsung galaxy tab 4 and I got the 8 inch one ^_^ to go with it I just got a screen protector cause my parents don't trust me! and a blue case which is from fyy if you were wondering,
From my Nan, Grandad, Auntie and Uncle I got the most beautiful thing of existence (apart from Zac Effron) which is the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette, and I am completely and utterly in love with it! I will definitely be doing a review of it of you guys and maybe some tutorials or FOTD with it!
My Auntie and Uncle also got me this gorgeous kimono because they know how much I love them! And this is by a brand which is sold in debenhams and it has pockets and slits on the sides and it's finished of really nicely to :3
Of course they can't go a Christmas with out getting me and my brother a selection box each !
So my Nan and Grandad also got me this set of 17 nail polished and the shades are all so lovely and I can't wait to go paint my nails!  17 Is  boots own brand like no7,  but if your not from the UK you can ship internationally on their website, ooh and I've have brought their nail polished before and they are amazeballs!
And another section box too!
So from my other Nan and Grandad I got mainly money but I'm not gonna say how much! As well as some pairs of kickers which I'm not kinda showing you guys either ;)
My nan knows I love Avon products and their makeup especially so she got me three nail polishes which are actually a new range in Avon Nan was telling me! 
As well as two eye-liners from their new Glimmerstick Diamonds range, so expect a review on the nail polishes and eye-liners to come soon! 
I also got some new slippers from them as my ones my Bro got me last year are dead! And they are sooooo soft ermuggrrd!  And they are from Accessorize but if you need new slipper you need to try these baby's out!
Lastly from them I got this lip smacker thing which has 3 lipseals in which are in the flavours coca cola, sprite and Fanta and they all taste like the drink.... omg it's amazing!
Then very last my other Auntie and her Boyfriend got me some money also and this pretty little box with this adorable set of earrings and my favourite place is Paris and the Eiffel tower is just perfect and I will definitely be wearing them lots!
Last but not least they know how much I take selfies so I got a selfie stick to put my phone on to get that perfect selfie! And it's also handy because you can fit go pros in there and I want to get one for when I go on holiday with my friends next year so I can totally use the stick to take pictures and film when out on walks and activities!
So I hope you guys like this post, let me know down  below what you got for Christmas,  what your fave present is, what you best memory from this Christmas!  And if you have done  post or video on this too let me know because if would love to be nosey and see what you guys got! Until next time have an awesome amazing day...



  1. Aren't you so lucky!

  2. Wow! you are sure very lucky dear!!! Can't even contain the happiness in me. I'm so happy for you dear! My greeting would be late but have a Merry Christmas! I'm sure you really enjoyed it so much!!! <3

    love lots,


    1. aww thank you! Ehehe Merry Christmas too you too! <3

  3. Sounds like you had a good christmas! I'm in love with my selfie stick 😂

    Katie xo