MUA 50% Off Haul!!!

Whoooop so a few weeks ago MUA reached 50,000 likes on there facebook page and guess what!? they had 50% off everything online (besides the traincase!) and you know what, i made a cheeky little purchase :D so here it is..... 

So i purchased 30 items!! overall the price came to around £55 :O but as there was a sneaky 50% it only came to around £27 :D i kinda brought more than i anticipated but oh well i don't regret any of it. Every product is worth its original price and it x10 better being half price!!!

First there eyeshadow palettes now these are something that i've had my eye on for quite a while.

so the first one on the top left is the Undressed palette, on the right the Heaven and Earth palette and at the bottom the Going for Gold palette. 

Next is my favorite eyeliners everrrrr I've gone through sooooo many and so i thought i would get a few backups :D   

The two eyeliners on top are in the colour Jet Black and the two below are in the shade rich brown. 

Next i decided to try out their felt eyeliner because I've hear great reviews on it, and so far so good it dose live up to its name. also i decided to buy a gel eyeliner, now I've never tried one but im exited to, im more of a pencil or liquid eyeliner gal :)

why am i such a good photographer!??? yeh sorry about the quality of this one... but anyway the gel eyeliner on the left is in the shade Underground and the felt liner on the right is in the shade Black ahaha.

Next, is the face yay :) so i have never ever ever owned a foundation :O crazzzy right but wait... i brought one!!! and i also snagged a concealer too.

the matte perfect foundation is in the shade Fair aswell as the Hide and Conceal concealer. 

Also for my face i got a pressed powder whooop i read a lot of good reviews on it and like everything else i thought i'd give it agoo :) Also i got somthing for ma brows too 

sooo the Press powder is in the shade 1 (the lightest) and the Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit only comes in one colour.

Nearlly there :) so next is blush and can i say i LOVEEEEE blush ^_^ so first of all i got two powder blushes, i wanted three but shade 3 was out off stock :'( 

The blush on the left is in shade 5 and the one one the left is shade 4 :)

To add to my huge blush collection i brought some of MUAs new cream blushes, and tbh they are alot smaller than i thought they were gonna be :( 

so for these Blush Perfection Cream blushes i got Dolly (left) and Yummy (right) :D

So what about those lips well i had to get the lip liners...

The shades from left to right are.... Softly Lined, Red Drama and Pink Me Up :) 

.... and those Intense Kissed lip gloss....

The shades from left to right are.... Smooch, Quick Kiss, Stolen Kisses ^_^

.... and those Lipsticks :D 

so the shades i got were, shade 3, 4, 5, 12, 13, 14, 16 :D

So thats it my first mega long haul for you :) and if you want me to do any reviews on these products i will be happy to do that for you, so just leave a comment :P 

have an awesome amazing day and see ya 

emma xxx

Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Forecast

So the Spring/Summer shows are over and im here today to tell you my forecast for the fashions of these seasons :) 
Your wardrobe will vary from neon's to pastels and even squares to plaid. Also things are gonna get cropped :D

It's time to think short (but not too short!) cropped clothes is going to be the must have, it was see although out design collections for 2013. I saw Alexander McQueen do a lot of cropped trousers to show off the amazing shoes in the left picture. Also another big trend on the runways was the cropped jackets, Chanel was among some designers which show cropped jackets, worn with a tight LBD underneath or a little ruffle skirt. 

 80's.... Yay :D it's time to celebrate the 80's iconic fashion. Jean Paul Gaultier went back to the Eighties, his collection celebrated all of the Eighties icons in which inspired him and his clothes over the years. These were people including Sade, Boy George, Madonna and more. Next is Philip Treacy who base his collection around the amazing Micheal Jackson.

Now onto another decade the 60's its all about the flower power!! Prada and Holly Fulton have used huge blooms and flowers to decorate every surface. floral prints to 3D flowers are gonna be a big hit like every spring/summer. 

Graphics are really coming in more than ever, from monochrome patterns to bright neon's. Marc Jacobs started off the monochrome stripes on the runway, which then kicked it off. Louis Vuitton and many other designers were thinking linear for this season, squares and checkerboard prints became the result.

thanks for reading, stay awesome guys and speak to you laters byee :)
                             Emma xxx

17 Lip Crayons - Review

So today I decided to review a product which i got as one of my Christmas presents :) and it is the 17 Lip Crayons, these came from boots and was apart of their Christmas products. im pretty sure you cant get these on there own from the 17 line in boots. But i think that it would be worth while if 17 brought these into their perment collection :D

First of all these lip crayons come in this really cute box which ill defentaly be keeping :) in side it comes with 4 lip crayons and a sharpener. Im not sure how you are meant to sharpen them because the packaging is made from plastic, will just have to find out! Another cool think about this box is that on the inside there is instructions on how to apply. Its done it 2 steps which is explained clearly and easy to understand. This is helpful for those first timers :)  

Now onto the actual product, this lip crayons are so so so creamy. they moisturize your lips and add a great amount of pigmentation as well. they come a wide range of colours from a pinky nude to a berry plum. these are great for every day wear and night time looks. the crayons are easy to build up, make it more dramatic or give yourself and sheer look. these pens are so versatile and you have a colour for every kind off look. they are easy to apply as well being as creamy as they are :)  

Overall they are my favourite lip product so far and i were them every day. If they do come out with them in their permanent line be sure to check them out there are amazing. they were only £10 for all four of them and if Boots again release them next Christmas be sure to pick one up.   

stay awesome guys and speak to you laters byee :)
                             Emma xxx