Bye, Bye School.... Hello Summmer!!!

So the time has come were I have officially left school for good (well apart from going back for 3 exams) I have finally finished year 11 :DD I have made it through 13 whole years of education to get to this point today! I've been through hell and back and back to hell and back, which let me tell you has killed me ;) But in the end its turned out pretty well, I guess :3 I left my secondary school last Friday, this was because in my school we had no study leave. Mainly cause they hate my year! Well i don't blame them, we went on strike against them ;) Despite all of the ups and downs, stress and moments when I've wanted to curl up in a hole and disappear, Year 11 has to be the best year for me at school :) I'm truly gonna miss all of my class mates and teachers, lets just say that last Friday was a very emotional day for me. Throughout my time at secondary school, I have made new friends, good friends, best friends and best friends forever :333

Here are a few pictures of me and my friends on the last few days at school :) I could have filled up this whole page of pictures but these are my favourite ones :'D I hope that I don't lose touch with these guys and many other people too :333 Oh, and excuse the black squares on the pictures, i don't really wanna show my school logo :)  

My posts haven't been very regular lately... well what can I say its summer time to PARRTTTYYYY!!!! yeah, so if you haven't guessed all ready, i have been partying :D which means the days i would normally spend typing up my posts i have been staying in bed recovering from the night before... :/ So I am sorry, and now I do not have any school, I can party and blog :DDD  

So recently my friend Trevor had he's 16th party, and it was amazzing :DD I had such a great time, well with what i could remember ;) The party consisted of people (Trevor) dunking their heads in the barrel of cold water for no apparent reason XD to everyone dancing to Gangnam Style, which I hated cause I do not like that song... or is that just me??

I really like this picture but i have to be the one who is pulling a weird face standing weirdly and holding a can of beer -.- If only I smiled nicely ;)

This next picture is my favourite from the night, Its me and my Boyfriend Sam :333 eheheh but overall I had a good night and some how managed to walk home in 4 and 1/2 inch heels ;)

If you want to read more about Trevors party my friend Jordan (the one in the brownish t-shirt above) also has done a blog post about it :D so check it out here- Jordans Blog :D

The next party which has occurred recently was my friend Georges. This wasn't for his birthday or anything, it was to celebrate us leaving school :DD It was a great way to end a great year with all my friends which I have shared so many memories with at school :) It was a really really funny night :DD George didn't really get any pictures that are good from the party ahahahah bless him ;) So heres a close up of me (i'm not tipsy or anything ;), and my friend Harry chilling in the background :DDDD 
I plan on blogging a tone more this summer and hopefully have some DIY's coming up soon too :DD Tell me below what you have planned this summer, cause i would love to know :333 have an amazing day and speak to you laterzzz :DDDD


Must Have Festival Fashion

So your going to a festival this summer... aye?? But you don't know what to wear?? Well I have the must have festival fashion trends for this year, so think Boho Chic and Flower Power with an edge! :D This are the items that I think you are gonna need for the festival season....

So these are the items that I wanna purchase this summer to wear at those festivals! Its all about those kimonos, floral designs and short shorts ;)  Leave a comment below of what festivals you are going to this year and what festival fashion trend you are most exited for :D

Until next time have and awesome, amazing fantastic day..