My First Year At College! My Experience + Advice!

I should have dont this post a bit earlier but shhh...! So my first year has just ended and ohhhh my am I relived that everything is done for this year and summer is here! It doesn't even feel like its been and year since I finished school, I even done a post like is last year! Check it out here - Bye, Bye School Hello Summer!  ;) So I'm not sure how long this post is gonna be because I can bable on a bit ;) Its gonna be a picture heavy post too, so lets go back to the start where it all began...

First of all if you are wondering I do a Level 3 BTEC In Fashion and Clothing!

So on my first day the first person I met was Charlie (she also has a blog here - We were forced to turn and talk to each other because our tutor wanted everyone to get to know each other. We then had 5 minutes to tell each other everything about our selves to tell the rest of the class. 
I found out that Charlie also had a blog like me which got us instantly talking! We then had to go to an assembly where I then started to talk to two other girls, Courtney and Chloe! (Who both have blogs here - Courtney,   Chloe) We all arranged to meet the next day out side repetition so we wont get lost in this new scary world called college! Although Courtney's has spent two years at college already, she's a granny ;) 
These are the three C's - Courtney, Charlie and Chloe! Chloe looks like shes gonna kill me and I think Courtney was posing for a picture!

We then got to know each other a lot more and found that we all have a lot in common too! I have never really gotten on with girls that great, and lets be fair they can be pretty bitchy! So I was really scared knowing that I was going to be in a class for 2 years with mostly girls, and I really didn't want what happen to me at school happen again :( However when talking to the three C's I felt like they didn't judge me, didn't care about what I looked like, dressed like or what I smelt like ;) ahah I get sweaty in summer! I knew that these guys could be friends for life, and I hope I'm right :3 - see it gets soppy ;)

I also got to know new people in my class, now looking back it feels like I've known these people for years when its only been 10 months! Next I met Sabrina, Tori, Aidan, Courtney and another Courtney... yes we have 3 Courtney in our class! We quickly bonded together and have become a great group and have some pretty fun lessons too!
I've done some pretty cool things and been to some pretty cool places in my first year. And yes we take pictures for like every place or thing we do ;) Some of these pictures are from peoples phones so sorry about the quality!
Rowans Hospice Fashion Show!
V&A Art Museum
College Cafe Selfie ;)
London Shopping Trip!
London Again!
Photography Lessons
Photoshop is amazing ;)

As me, Charlie and Courtney had a blog we got Chloe to get one too ehe! We were lucky enough to go to In Love With Fashions First Blogger event which I did do a post on so I wont bore you with here but if you want to see it click here! It was a great time to hang out with the 3 C's outside of college and it was the first time I had ever been to Oxford Street so it was a pretty big day for me!

So my advice to you guys if you are starting out in a new school, college or work is...

- Don't be shy, talk to people and make friends! Otherwise people are gonna make friends and it'll be harder to join them later in the year as they all ready have their groups of friends, this doesn't sound nice but its life :/ 

- Don't be scared, everyone else is in the same boat as you and they are feeling just as nervous!

- Stay on top of your work, as this is something I found difficult at the start of the year but once I got in the swing of it, its all good!

- Don't let anyone get you down, because they have nothing better to do with their lives so they will try to pick at you and really its not worth getting upset over as they are just immature. Trust me even though most people in my class are 17+ they still bitch about people and wont grow up! 

- Stay as organised as you can, this is something I really fail at! Make lists, plans and reminders so you stay on top of things and make sure you have two of every piece of equipment you have, because they do get lost or run out!
So my year at College went a lot better than I expected and I'm grateful for the great friends I have made, the amazing teachers and fingers cross a good grade at the end of it! If you want to see what Chloe, Charlie and Courtney thought of their year at college check out their blogs to read about it! 

So I hoped you guys like this post! Let me know if there's any posts you would like too see me do this summer because I would love to do them for you! ^_^ Until next time have an awesome, amazing day...



  1. That first photo I look terrifying ;)

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  6. Your blog is very nice!
    Congrats for finishing your first year of college! I graduated from university last year and I felt that the years of college flew so quickly, I couldn't believe it!!

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  7. It’s great that you had a wonderful start in college, Emma. I think it helped that you have cool and awesome classmates to begin with. They helped you adjust easily to the new environment and culture. Aside from that, going to college is really fun and exciting. You get to meet new faces and experience activities you didn’t have or weren't allowed to in high school. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Deborah Williams @ Choice Career College