My Current Playlist

This post is a bit different to what I normally do but I love reading these posts because I love to be nosey I find out what different music people listen too! My music tastes varies a lot and I mean a lot a lot ahah! My music taste can be anywhere from One Direction all the way too Suicide Silence Aka 'Scary music' to some people! I thought I'd do this post to let you guys know a bit more of what type of music I'm into plus what I'm loving at the moment and maybe introduce you to new artists and songs!

The first on my playlist is always All Time Low, and if you don't know me, they are my favourite band so any new music they come out with I'm instantly in love! My favourite song by them at the moment is Kids in the Dark from there new album Future Hearts. The album was debuted number 1 in the UK, and sold over 75,000 copies in the first week so if you haven't listened too it you know that its gonna be good! They still have their pop punk feel but took some of the songs in a new direction. My most played are ; Kids in the Dark, Somethings Gotta Give, Dancing With a Wolf and Kicking and Screaming!

Mac Turquatic Review

I'm not  a huge perfume collector but when I find one and I love the smell of it, I know I have to have it! Earlier this year I made a Mac wishlist (which you can check out here - Mac Wishlist) and for my birthday my Auntie and Uncle got it for me, so that's one of the things off my wishlist! This is Mac's latest fragrance which you can buy in a 20/50ml bottle, roller-ball, hand and body wash and a body wash. Each being a little pricey but its Mac after all! But can we all just take a moment to take in how beautiful the packaging of this perfume is!