Mac Turquatic Review

I'm not  a huge perfume collector but when I find one and I love the smell of it, I know I have to have it! Earlier this year I made a Mac wishlist (which you can check out here - Mac Wishlist) and for my birthday my Auntie and Uncle got it for me, so that's one of the things off my wishlist! This is Mac's latest fragrance which you can buy in a 20/50ml bottle, roller-ball, hand and body wash and a body wash. Each being a little pricey but its Mac after all! But can we all just take a moment to take in how beautiful the packaging of this perfume is!
The scent is called Turquatic, and the name fits well with the scent! Its sea inspired, with notes of anemone, lotus, orris and Corsican blue cedar, I don't know what any of them 'notes' are but let me tell you when they are mixed up in this bottle and you spritz it out it smells so fresh, light and just amazing! I don't really like perfumes that are heavy, woody, florally or just smell like an old women's perfume that gets right up your nose, but this is perfect for me! It's crisp yet sublet so you can wear it lightly or layer it up so everyone in the room can smell you! 
It's a product that you don't need a lot of to smell it from down the hall. Which is a plus because means you wont use it as fast, I'm such a genius ;) I dont tend to wear perfume that much, only if its a special occasion or if I'm going out but its just too lush not to wear! Not to mention the complements I get on how good I smell aha! Which is quite rare if you know me aka Charlie, Courtney and Chloe ;) I would defiantly purchase this again and maybe n the roller ball so I can travel with it and not have the hassle of taking  the bottle. 
Its hard to do a review on a perfume because we all know how hard it is to describe a scent, but if you do like fresh, sea inspired scents that are light I would defiantly say go to a Mac counter and smell it! I would be even more awesome if Mac sent out little samples from their website because you don't really want to spend the money on a perfume you think your going to like then really don't!

To be honest for Mac I think that to prices aren't too bad considering its a high end makeup brand and the quality is amazing! Totally worth spending money on! The 50ml bottle is £39 the 20ml is £23. The roll-on is £16 for 6ml and the body cream and was is both £23 for 200ml. If you are interested in this product I will have the links below and I hope you found this post helpful!

If you have this perfume let me know what you think of it plus what's your favorite perfume? Did anyone notice that I spelt review wrong in the first picture!? ahah anyway until next time have an awesome day,



  1. I absolutely love the smell of Turquatic

  2. Lovely post, Emma! I've never tried that perfume out before. For the summer months, I prefer to use body sprays, but my go-to scent is Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift. You should definitely check it out. I'm on my second bottle!