Missguided Wishlist

Never have I ever brought anything from Missguided but I always find my self on their website  adding tonnes of clothes onto my basket hoping someone would come a long and be like, oh ill buy that for you! But yeah... that's not gonna happen ahah! Anyway on to the topic of this post, I may have a job soon (finally!) So I think the first thing I will do when get my pay check is hop on missguided and buy some goodies! So while I'm waiting for that day to come around I thought I'll do a wishlist of all the things I am loving at the moment on their site. Oohhh and guys missguided's new active wear line... I am in awe of it all!

missguided clothes
So this first set is just clothes which I am loving and all of them are in the new in section of missguided so they all should be in stock! If you couldn't tell really I love monochrome prints and just black clothes in general,  I probably should invest in brighter colours. I always get drawn to black more than anything else, anyone get that too? But I think I'm definitely going to get the jumpsuit and the dress with the Greek key design round the hems as that is totally up ma street!missguided coasts
Next is a bunch of coats! I've never really been a coat person,  I just buy one I like and be done with it but I have been wanted to buy more and more because the styles and cuts are so 'Ahhh I gotta have it'!! I'm a huge fan of the boyfriend jackets and I would love to get a longer one to what I have.  The caramel and monochrome checkered ones are on the top of my list to buy!
missguided sports
So saving the best till last is.... wait for it.... MISSGUIDED'S ACTIVE! Omg can we just take a moment to appreciate it! Okay now the moments taken let's talk about it, the patterns, prints, designs, shapes, graphics and slogans are all on point may I say. Definitely going to get my hands of some of them, especially the cloudy blue printed bra and leggings! One of my resolutions was to get fit and I think wearing pretty sports wear will make me more motivated to do so, in a weird way aha! 

So leave me your thoughts on missguided's new in clothing and active wear, and also what you want from them! I'm trying to find new sites and shops to shop as so if you have any suggestions leave me a comment too! 


Are You Applying Your Makeup In The Right Order?

A while ago I did a post on Are You Washing Your Hair Right? which I found really interesting to search about the right way and learn... oh so how wrong I was doing it! After doing the post it got me thinking... is there a right way to put on makeup?? So I got my laptop and got ma Google up and searched and today I am going to be telling you what I have found! Although this time I have been doing more things right than wrong!

This is something you don't have to structure your routine to as everyone is different and not everyone wears blush or fills in their eyebrows etc. But Its a good working order to follow if you want too!
First is obviously moisturiser or primer. Now one thing I didn't know that you shouldn't use both as the moisturiser will get in the way of the primer and stop it from its main function which is to make your foundation last longer. So yeah I've been doing that wrong... Tut tut Emma ;) As well as priming face you should prime your eyes and lips too. Oh and don't forget sunscreen, even in the winter as some UV rays can pass though clouds ya know! So get a moisturiser or primer which has a good SPF in it.
Next should be foundation, which I usually leave till last because of shadow fallout and so on, until I found out this... if fallout dose occur its harder to get off plain skin than with skin with foundation, so make a canvas and do corrections as a finishing touch at the end! If you are going to be concealing a blemish then you should use concealer after foundation, as if you don't the concealers work will be trampled, you could say, by the foundation. 
Powder and Bronzer is next so you can set your foundation and concealer. Dusting a powder over your face will also make it easier to remove the fallout. Also doing the powder now will help it settle in while you do the rest. Next would be bronzer, you want to make sure you do this way before blush as if you applied it on top of the blush it would look a bit cray cray! This is because your trying yo mimic and define the contours of your face. 
Doing your eyebrows can be quite helpful as they frame your face and when your are doing your eyes it could come as a helpful guide. First you should line the outline of your eyebrows so you can make them even then fill in from the outer corner to the middle, making sure the inner parts are lighter than the outer. I find that this looks most flattering on yo faces!
When I was doing my research a lot of different sites and people said either Lips or Eyes should go next and they both had valid reasons so imma put them together! I would go for eyes first but If you are set on a certain lip colour your going to wear then put that on first, this is so you can match the lip colour to your eyes so you match and not looking all jumbled!

If your starting with eyes you would go - Shadow, liner and then mascara. Pretty much what most people do right!? But you can always go back and layer up and touch up, with highlighting or making the eye-liner more stronger.

Then if your starting with lips - Liner, lipstick then lip gloss or just gloss or just lipstick! Always apply a balm when your first start your makeup so near this point when you do yours lips they are not chapped and nice to put yo lippy on!
Last but not least (well apart from if yo using setting spray) will be the blush. I do actually leave this till last and because of this reason... the ties your lips and eyes together and it really makes your face glow and complete the whole look! Also I found out about different ways you can apply blush.. would you want me to do a post on that???

So now that you are all pros on how to apply your makeup, leave me comments if you guys have any other makeup tricks or tips you wanna share! So until next time have an awesome amazing day...


Vice 3 Palette Review

Kinda a bit late on starting this whole new resolution where I'm gonna post 3 times a week, but I do have a rather valid reason (which actually ticks off one of my other resolutions!) I had numerous University e-portfolios and interviews to go to and if you have applied for Uni you will know how stressful it is! But I'm all done now so this week shall be the start of my 3 posts a week thingy ma bob, so lets do this thang!

So for Christmas I got this beauty of a palette... like if you you don't think this is a beauty you are blind! So where oh where do I start with this then, we all know that Urban Decay eyeshadow are the bomb.com and they never fail to impress. I own my fair few of Urban Decay palettes, and although for me the original Naked palette will be the best this one... could be it's next contender!
I'm just gonna jump off straight away and talk about the  eyeshadow,  you get a variety of matte and shimmer shades which are perfect to create a loud dramatic smokey eye or a more calm everyday one. Like always perfectly pigmented and to high quality!
The Vice 3 comes with 20 new shades to the Vice 2 palette which I love as I feel that Urban Decay do tend to repeat shades a lot. I feel that most of the shades are more on the warmer side which is great for autumn going into winter, however some of the shades like, Dragon, Freeze, Alchemy and Sonic will translate well in summer! The palette is also set out well with the columns that the shadows are in as they seem like the theme together all most. So for example there's a column of matte shades and a column of pinks, which is my favourite! I'm not the biggest lover of pink shades on me but I think I have converted the love. 
So these are the swatches for y'all, didn't realise how white I was aha oh and I'm really bad at swatch making to, so bare with me!
From top to bottom is 
Truth - Pale pink-nude matte,
Undone - Pink-beige, matte-satin with subtle tonal pearl,
Downfall - Warm light brown matte,
DTF - Taupe matte with subtle pearl,
Dragon - Bright metallic green shimmer,
Freeze - Metallic medium blue with multidimensional micro-glitter,
Heroine - Deep navy blue with subtle tonal pearl,
Brokedown - metallic golden brown shimmer with gold micro-glitter,
Vanity - Smoky metallic eggplant with multidimensional micro-glitter,
Lucky - Metallic bronze,
Reign - Rich brown satin,
Bobby Dazzle - Metallic white with pale gold micro-glitter,
Alien - Pink-peach with golden shift,
Alchemy - Deep fuchsia satin,
Bondage - Deep, smoky burgundy shimmer,
Sonic - Metallic red-copper,
Last Sin - Shimmer with silver micro-glitter,
 Angel - Light taupe with silver micro-glitter,
Defy - Smoky taupe satin,
Revolver - Soft black satin with subtle iridescent pearl.

The packaging is what makes it the beaut it is... it has this gorgeous reflective cover a almost like sunset streaks across it as well as crystallized lettering over the top which I love to feel aha  that weird?? The palette dose come with this little pouch to put it in which has the sunset streaks on too, and it feels nice and padded so it will protect the palette if you where ever to travel with it. 
I totally prefer this packaging to the previous palette, the Vice 2 palette that was mostly purple, but the Vice 3 defiantly amps up the luxury feel! As well as the large full sized mirror with a dual ended brush which was also featured in the Vice 2. However, it dose collect a tone of finger prints like its quite substantial!
Overall I do really love this palette and the shades, but I really think its down to personal preference to what type of shades you like. This palette was designed to be experimented with so if your like me and like to try new things then hit this up! It is quite pricey at £42 pound but I think that Urban Decay palettes are really worth the money if you know you are going to use it day in and day out.

I hope you liked this review and found it helpful! If you have this palette like me know your thoughts on it down below as well as your faveorite shades to use! Until next time have an awesome amazing day....


OOTD - Langston Harbor

So not not long ago me and ma college buddie Courtney went out to get some pictures for our uni portfolios and for an OOTD too! Well actually thinking about it we went out quite a while ago last year, feel so weird saying that! I took the pictures of Courtney and she took the pictures of me so thank you court!  So we went down to Langston harbour as it's so pretty there even in the winter, so with of further a due here's ma outfit....
So my cami top is from Next, the cropped fluffy cardigan is actually my mum's! I'm not sure where she got it and I'm to lazy to get up right now to ask her ;) my skirt is from newlook, so are my shoes! Lastly my tights are from Marks and Spencer and they are tights with fleece on the inside so the are super warm!
And my coat is from debenhams as is the brand  Red Herring and I love this coat so much omg!
This is Courtney's outfit and if you wanna see where see got her outfit from check out her OOTD and go follow her blog as she dose lots of OOTD posts and outfit inspiration boards to!! Check out courtneys blog here -wonderofdreams
This picture of Courtney I love as I made her stroke a horse and the horse scared her and omg her face bless her!  
So I hoped you liked this OOTD and I hoped you all had a lovely new year! Have an awesome amazing day....


New Years Resolutions.....

Yerrpp I said it new years resolutions, and it's one of those things everyone says their gonna do but don't follow through... which one of the reasons I have never done them before! But there a few realistic goals I want to do, achieve and constantly do. So I'm gonna do this post for my self so I have it written down somewhere and proof that I said I would do it and can't go back on my word ;)
First of all is my blog, now I've never actually set myself a schedule on when I'm going to post. My motto was ill post when I wanna! And this wasn't the most practical so I'm gonna make a schedule!  What this is gonna be is 3 posts a week, Makeup Monday which is makeup post obviously! Whatever Wednesdays which is a post on whatever I want could be a DIY, skin care, routines, home stuff or could be an extra fashion or makeup post! Then Fashion Friday which is posts on oodts, fashion forecasts, how to styles and wishlists! So this is what I have wanted to do for a long time and I'm finally doing it and I think it would make me feel a lot better about my posts and blog in total!
Next I want to do well in all my uni interviews and get excepted then in September actually go to uni! Pretty simple but hard to do! And so exciting too!
Now this one is like a cliché new years resolution but it's to get fit and healthy but I can't even walk up the stairs without getting out of breathe! So I'm going to the gym, start running (again) and gonna stop eating... dare I say it... but stop eating shitty food! Trust me guys I will do it ;)
This one if my mum reads it will be shocked about but I want to try and keep my room as tidy as possible and not let it look like a wreck, and I really like my room tidy but sometimes I just get too lazy which needs to stop! Even tho..... It most probably.... won't!
I not a person who only focus' on how many followers I have and only strive to get the max amount, I'm not! But I do like to set my self milestones as it gives me somthing to post for and It also tells me people like my posts and my blog and they want to see more! So this goal of 300 is only for GFC which is on the right side bar if you want to go follow me know if you haven't already! ^_^

So I didn't pick too many as I most probably wont do them I will forget, but there is gonna end up being one really big main goal that I've forgotten but I really can't remember right now! But let me know what your resolutions are this year, and if any of them are the same as mine!