5 Reasons To Never Sleep In Your Makeup

We all know we should take our makeup off at nights, but you know, some nights were really tired... or just cant be bothered! Trust me I am a massive sinner when it comes to this! I know how bad it can be for you but something I can hardly get in the habit of doing, is anyone else like this? Some of the reasons I have had first hand experience with, blackheads... yeah my number one problem, and yeah I'm kinda ashamed to say it but its from me not taking my makeup off! I've put together a list from what I have researched to warn you all who do wear your makeup to bed do get you not to and to give me motivation to actually be bothered to take it off!

1. How and why do we get most blackheads? From sleeping in our makeup! Your makeup will hold all of the dirt and oil your face collects over the day. So that in the end clogs up your pores leading to blackheads and spots. Its the most obvious and convincing reason to take off your makeup.

2. If you leave eyeshadow on your eyelids, this can clog your oil glands and hair follicles on your eyelids which can lead to some infections like Styes. Also if you rub your eyes and makeup gets in or lose eyelashes with mascara on, this can lead to irritative conjunctivitis which I have suffered from! Let me tell you its not fun aha!

3. This next one I found super weird you can actually ingest your lipstick (ew) as well as many of the waxes that make up the lip products can again clog the pores around your lips and create blackheads. Which are never attractive!

4. So your face is basically a bacterial breeding ground... yum! When you take your makeup off you should also wash your face thoroughly too, because every piece of grit and grim that has lied there throughout the day will just sit and grow overnight. Creating spots, Cold sores and just give you unhealthy skin.

5. Lastly not getting rid of your makeup will make you have dully and dry skin, which in turn we should want dewy skin. Your skin needs time to breath and the perfect time is at night, if you leave your makeup on it wont allow your skin to produce vitamins and minerals that gives of the healthy glowy skin.

So are any of you guilty of not taking your makeup off at night? Let me know down below! I hope you liked this post and found it interesting!


No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

So I got this skincare set from my Nan (so thanks Nan aha!) Which was full of No7 skincare and, of course, I was eager to try! The first product is the Beautiful Skin, Hot Cloth Cleanser, I tried this one first as I have never used a cleanser before so I wanted to see if it made my skin any different. This product was created to provide your skin with a healthy, bright and beautiful look.
The one I have is a mini because it came in a set, normally the bottle is has 200ml worth of cleanser and you also get a exfoliating muslin cloth. This is used to removes dead skin cells and daily grime that builds up on your face. 

There is a specific routine to use the cleanser and the cloth, though you don't have to follow it, but No7 say that this method gives you the best results. So first you gently massage the product over dry skin in upward circular motions. Then take the muslin cloth and make it wet it hot water at a heat that's comfortable for you wring out the water and then place the cloth over your face. This is so your pores open up, and leave this for a few minutes. Next you use the cloth to polish of the cleanser in circular motions. Finish with splashing your face with cool water to close your pores and then dry. 

 I find it so easy to use the cleanser has a thick and soft texture to it which feels really nice to place over your face. There is a nice smell which isn't too strong and is light, very spa like. For the amount you have to place on your face I only use one to one and a half of a pump, and for using this product for over a month there is loads left in the bottle. So if you were to buy the full sized bottle it would last you for a life time! 

I did try using the cleanser without the cloth but I feel that you need to use this because the thick and creaminess of it make it hard to rinse easily on its own. The cloth helps to remove the cleanser in an easy and quick way as well as exfoliating your face to further the cleaning. However, through using the cloth a lot it hasn't held up as much as I would have hoped, so if this is a product you are interested in getting I would advice to get your own cloth, although I do like the fact that you get a cloth in the first place and don't have to buy it seperatly. 

I don't use this cleanser everyday as I feel that, for me personally, that its too much for my skin which is very sensitive. But I do use it most days when I break out with spots badly and it clears them up amazingly as well as super fast! The cleanser and the process you use leaves your skin feeling fresh and not tight or dry, which for me, most products do and I have to moisturize immediately after. But the cleansers creamy texture leaves my skin moisturized. 

The product helps to remove dirt and take makeup off so if I use this cleanser I tend to use it in the evening when I take my makeup off, so everything that was built up during the day I can wipe away. 

I always like to review the packaging of the product even if it is just going to be placed in my bathroom cabinet. I really like the large pump, its really convenient and gives you the right amount without wasting any. The bottle is plastic which is easy to wipe off if it gets messy. As well as the bottle being clear so you will always know how much product is left its simple yet stylish. 

The price I think is very reasonable especially for the amount of product you get and how long it lasts. The size available from Boots is 200ml and is £9.95, which again I think is really good especially as you get a cloth with it as well. I defiantly think that I will be buying this again as it is so gentle on your skin as well as easy and effective. Its great time saver for your skin care routine meaning you wont have to use as many products to get the same effect. Its suitable for anyone, though if your like me and have sensitive skin you can still use it but not to regularly. So if you want to grab yourself one click the link below!

No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know below if you have tried this product and if you have tried any other cloth cleaners as well!


Minimalist Style Inspiration

So I've come to a point in my life where I'm questioning... do I have a style? And come to realise I really don't!  I just tend to where whats comfy and what I like, picking from trends here and there. But I've always wanted to adopt a style or create my own that fits me. Looking at runway trends and fashion in shops like, ASOS, Missguided and Boohoo there's so much minimalist clothing. I really like the simplicity of it all especially the nude, greys and black and white colour. Not only the colour I love the shapes and cuts of the clothes, and don't get me started on the culottes! My friend Courtney wrote a blog post showing her favorite culottes on the Highstreet which you can read Here! So here are some of my favorites from the highstreet that I am defiantly going to buy! 

Untitled #31

My main inspiration always comes from the runways as I am always on Vogue looking at the collections, and its is a part of the research I have to do at Uni (which is a plus!). But for SS16 this trend has come into its own with its modern look, designers kept the sleek lines and colours but many added fabric manipulation in ruffles and pleats to add an element of texture just like Adam Lippes and Hermes. Other designers adopted the pin stripes, from flowy trousers and button up shirts at A.P.C to a fitted suits seen at Brandon Maxwell. But they you have Calvin Klein who always can pull of this look effortlessly. The key pieces in the collection was Slips which are major this year bringing underwear as outwear. The garments were seen with raw edges with a mixture of silk and leather, as well as keeping the palette neutral. 

The designers show a mixture of contemporary causal and fancier ways of this minimalist style. Let me know below what your thoughts are on this style as well as if this is your style! And if not what is your style? I hope you liked this post and found it interesting and would want me to do more style posts! 


Short Girls Guide To Wearing Midi Skirts

Do you have to be taller than 5"2 to wear a midi skirt? I think not! Midi skirts have come into their own and reinvented themselves to a whole new fashion statement/trend. They were huge for spring and summer 2015, and have found themselves in every seasons trend up till now. As well as garment I would love to buy. However, I have always thought 'I'm too short to wear or pull one off' as well as feeling like if I wore one it would make me look shorter, already being 5"2. This trend is said to transition nicely into any season so it's a trend I don't want to miss out on! Therefore if your a littleling like me then keep reading for tips that would make a midi skirt work for you!

First is pairing one with a crop top as your exposed skin with help break up all the fabric at the bottom. This is so your body is not overpowered with fabric hiding all your skin. I would say exposing the midriff would be your best beat as its evens out the skin in the middle.
Heels will be your best friend and not only make you look taller but adding the illusion of making the shin that is not covered of your leg left look elongated add length and height. I think that the only way I could pull a midi off would be with heels as I have seen celebs that have totally butchered they're height by wearing flats in all the wrong ways!
Again you can make another illusion, this being a skirt with a pencil length skirt underneath with a sheer layer of fabric over the top of a midi style skirt. So it looks like your wearing a shorter skirt but your not. Or ones with sheer panels to break up the fabric even more.
The shape of the skirt also matters, this is depending on your body shape. You can have a pencil, a-line, skater, pleated, bodycon... the list could go on! For me personally I would wear a high waisted bodycon as the highwaisted, waist band makes your legs look longer too!

One celeb to look out for is Vanessa Hudgens shes only small but damn she looks good! Here are some examples of how she pulls off a midi skirt!
If you have any other tips and tricks to wearing a midi skirt if your tiny leave a comment! Hope you found this interesting and are having a wonderful day,