Are You Applying Your Makeup In The Right Order?

A while ago I did a post on Are You Washing Your Hair Right? which I found really interesting to search about the right way and learn... oh so how wrong I was doing it! After doing the post it got me thinking... is there a right way to put on makeup?? So I got my laptop and got ma Google up and searched and today I am going to be telling you what I have found! Although this time I have been doing more things right than wrong!

This is something you don't have to structure your routine to as everyone is different and not everyone wears blush or fills in their eyebrows etc. But Its a good working order to follow if you want too!
First is obviously moisturiser or primer. Now one thing I didn't know that you shouldn't use both as the moisturiser will get in the way of the primer and stop it from its main function which is to make your foundation last longer. So yeah I've been doing that wrong... Tut tut Emma ;) As well as priming face you should prime your eyes and lips too. Oh and don't forget sunscreen, even in the winter as some UV rays can pass though clouds ya know! So get a moisturiser or primer which has a good SPF in it.
Next should be foundation, which I usually leave till last because of shadow fallout and so on, until I found out this... if fallout dose occur its harder to get off plain skin than with skin with foundation, so make a canvas and do corrections as a finishing touch at the end! If you are going to be concealing a blemish then you should use concealer after foundation, as if you don't the concealers work will be trampled, you could say, by the foundation. 
Powder and Bronzer is next so you can set your foundation and concealer. Dusting a powder over your face will also make it easier to remove the fallout. Also doing the powder now will help it settle in while you do the rest. Next would be bronzer, you want to make sure you do this way before blush as if you applied it on top of the blush it would look a bit cray cray! This is because your trying yo mimic and define the contours of your face. 
Doing your eyebrows can be quite helpful as they frame your face and when your are doing your eyes it could come as a helpful guide. First you should line the outline of your eyebrows so you can make them even then fill in from the outer corner to the middle, making sure the inner parts are lighter than the outer. I find that this looks most flattering on yo faces!
When I was doing my research a lot of different sites and people said either Lips or Eyes should go next and they both had valid reasons so imma put them together! I would go for eyes first but If you are set on a certain lip colour your going to wear then put that on first, this is so you can match the lip colour to your eyes so you match and not looking all jumbled!

If your starting with eyes you would go - Shadow, liner and then mascara. Pretty much what most people do right!? But you can always go back and layer up and touch up, with highlighting or making the eye-liner more stronger.

Then if your starting with lips - Liner, lipstick then lip gloss or just gloss or just lipstick! Always apply a balm when your first start your makeup so near this point when you do yours lips they are not chapped and nice to put yo lippy on!
Last but not least (well apart from if yo using setting spray) will be the blush. I do actually leave this till last and because of this reason... the ties your lips and eyes together and it really makes your face glow and complete the whole look! Also I found out about different ways you can apply blush.. would you want me to do a post on that???

So now that you are all pros on how to apply your makeup, leave me comments if you guys have any other makeup tricks or tips you wanna share! So until next time have an awesome amazing day...



  1. These are great tips, thanks for sharing

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. tis is a great post! you put so much time and care in to it ! and is so useful!

    1. Awh thank you and I do spend a lot of time on my posts and Im glad you found it useful! xx

  3. I never thought of applying blush last. I usually do it right after powder. I usually apply my lip gloss last. Great tips! x