OOTD #2 - Feeling Floral!

 So once again me and Chloe went out in photography to get some pictures and we also got some ootd worth pictures too! So since you guys liked my last ootd I'd thought I'd do another one! So get ready to see my awkward modelling and weird poses ;) 

So my outfit pretty much is New Look everything apart from my jeans which are from next! ahah once again I totally expand on variety of shops I shop at ;) 

So Chloe took some pictures of me while dancing, I now only have one dance move ahah what even is this move??? ;)
I hope you liked this outfit ahah and by the way I joined Lookbook so if you have it go fan me on there and I shall fan you back! fan me here - http://lookbook.nu/rougeinlove97 I like doing these posts as they are short and sweet and also easy to do, do if you want me to do even more let me know!  Lastly let me know below what you are wearing today ^_^ Until next time have an awesome amazing day...


My Nail Polish Collection!

So today I am showing you guys my nail polish collection! I have done loads of posts on nail polish and as my collection is getting rather big I thought I'd share it with you! I love these posts as I love to find out about new brands and amazing shades! So I hope you enjoy this post ^_^ 

Firstly, how I store my Nail Polish. I store in this insanely cute box which I got for christmas with the Mark Jacobs Dot perfume, body wash and moisturiser 
As you can see in side its not really organised at all! I don't really go by brand when choosing, I just go by what colour strikes me the most that day. However, this way of storing it is not the best as I have to pick up the bottle to see the colour, though I could store them upside down but I'm too scared they will leak! So if you guys have any good ways of storing nail polish let me know! In the box I also keep a Lush bath bomb, I don't know why ahah! Nail stickers, beads, gems and fur... yes nail fur! ;)
So first we have two from Bourjois Paris in the shades - Its raining stars and Dangerous wish! They are gel nail polishes with a silicone texture so they last longer, which they do!
Next is OPI which is one of my favourite nail polish brand, the colours are amazing they last a long time and dry pretty quick too! So the colours I have are - Just a little rosti at this, Rally pretty pink and melon of troy.
As you can see I have more Avon nail polishes than any other, this is because they are my other favourite to OPI! I have 8 in total, so going from left to right... I have a mosaic effect in white, speed dry+ in twilight blue and red wine, nailwear pro+ in the shades starry sky, viva pink and sea breeze and lastly the gel finishes is orange crush and sheer love.
So next is Barry M and everyone raves about these polishes and I've only jumped on to this! So far I'm really impressed with the ones I have which are shade I don't know doesn't have a colour, but I think the code is, 324 ;) next is a crackle nail polish in 315 and last is a foil effect in 319! 
Next is 17, which is a brand made by Boots so you can only get them there. I love these polishes they have so many amazing colours and the prices are really reasonable too! I have them in Glitter Top Coat, Orange Soda, Sphinx, Risky Red and Black.
These two are from Max Factor and they are the mini nail polishes! I think that they are my favorite nail polishes to use in the summer and as you can see I'm nearly running out of them :/ the colours are Cool Jade and Dazzling Blue
Next are ones that came in a set from Boots around Christmas time, and my Nan and Grandad got me these not last Christmas but the one before! These are the brand Champneys but I don't know if they are sold else where. I love these and the top coat is the best I have ever used! and they are Plum, Flamingo, Top Coat, Midnight and Raspberry.
These ones my Nan and Grandad got me too but last Christmas. I think they are from boots too and the brand is Colour Unlimited, and they don't have any shades but you can see what colour they are ;)
These are nail fur and nail beads which came with the nail polishes in a kit together. I have not used these yet but when I do I'll let yo know how it goes!
And lastly are some nail polishes are from Colour Works which I got when I was like 13 ahah They are actually really good nail polishes even though they are cheap! and I dunno if your meant to keep nail polishes for 4 years but they still work fine so hey ho ;) 

So in total I have 36 nail polishes which I think is a nice amount for me! If you have any recommendations of brands that I should try let me know because I would love to expand my horizon ^_^ Until next time have an awesome amazing day...


OOTD - College Antics!

So today at college me and my friend Chloe (who also has a blog at fashionablycoy ;) went out in our photography lesson to take some pictures! This was because at the moment in class we are looking at street style fashion photography, and we have to have our own examples in our sketch book. So these were some of the pictures Chloe took of me! This is my first outfit of the day post, and I wasn't planning on doing one today so my hairs a little messy from the wind so I apologise ;) But I really liked the pictures Chloe took, and my friend Courtney helped me pick out the pictures for this post, so I'm doing it! She also as a blog at wonderofdreams so if you like OOTD's check her out! ^_^

So my outfit is...
Black Cami - Next
Tube Skirt - New Look
Denim Jacket - Next
Canvas Shoes - Newlook!

You can see I totally vary the shops I shop at ;)  

Cause me and Chloe are so cool we had to take some funny pictures and these were the ones Courtney picked, so here they are!

I am at one with nature!
Courtney really liked this picture so she made me do this one, I didn't realise the picture was being taken aha
So imma leave you guys with my messy hair and dat sassy face ohhh ;) ehe so let me know if you want me to do more OOTD's in the near future, I hope you are all having a wonderful evening and until next time have and awesome amazing day...