My Nail Polish Collection!

So today I am showing you guys my nail polish collection! I have done loads of posts on nail polish and as my collection is getting rather big I thought I'd share it with you! I love these posts as I love to find out about new brands and amazing shades! So I hope you enjoy this post ^_^ 

Firstly, how I store my Nail Polish. I store in this insanely cute box which I got for christmas with the Mark Jacobs Dot perfume, body wash and moisturiser 
As you can see in side its not really organised at all! I don't really go by brand when choosing, I just go by what colour strikes me the most that day. However, this way of storing it is not the best as I have to pick up the bottle to see the colour, though I could store them upside down but I'm too scared they will leak! So if you guys have any good ways of storing nail polish let me know! In the box I also keep a Lush bath bomb, I don't know why ahah! Nail stickers, beads, gems and fur... yes nail fur! ;)
So first we have two from Bourjois Paris in the shades - Its raining stars and Dangerous wish! They are gel nail polishes with a silicone texture so they last longer, which they do!
Next is OPI which is one of my favourite nail polish brand, the colours are amazing they last a long time and dry pretty quick too! So the colours I have are - Just a little rosti at this, Rally pretty pink and melon of troy.
As you can see I have more Avon nail polishes than any other, this is because they are my other favourite to OPI! I have 8 in total, so going from left to right... I have a mosaic effect in white, speed dry+ in twilight blue and red wine, nailwear pro+ in the shades starry sky, viva pink and sea breeze and lastly the gel finishes is orange crush and sheer love.
So next is Barry M and everyone raves about these polishes and I've only jumped on to this! So far I'm really impressed with the ones I have which are shade I don't know doesn't have a colour, but I think the code is, 324 ;) next is a crackle nail polish in 315 and last is a foil effect in 319! 
Next is 17, which is a brand made by Boots so you can only get them there. I love these polishes they have so many amazing colours and the prices are really reasonable too! I have them in Glitter Top Coat, Orange Soda, Sphinx, Risky Red and Black.
These two are from Max Factor and they are the mini nail polishes! I think that they are my favorite nail polishes to use in the summer and as you can see I'm nearly running out of them :/ the colours are Cool Jade and Dazzling Blue
Next are ones that came in a set from Boots around Christmas time, and my Nan and Grandad got me these not last Christmas but the one before! These are the brand Champneys but I don't know if they are sold else where. I love these and the top coat is the best I have ever used! and they are Plum, Flamingo, Top Coat, Midnight and Raspberry.
These ones my Nan and Grandad got me too but last Christmas. I think they are from boots too and the brand is Colour Unlimited, and they don't have any shades but you can see what colour they are ;)
These are nail fur and nail beads which came with the nail polishes in a kit together. I have not used these yet but when I do I'll let yo know how it goes!
And lastly are some nail polishes are from Colour Works which I got when I was like 13 ahah They are actually really good nail polishes even though they are cheap! and I dunno if your meant to keep nail polishes for 4 years but they still work fine so hey ho ;) 

So in total I have 36 nail polishes which I think is a nice amount for me! If you have any recommendations of brands that I should try let me know because I would love to expand my horizon ^_^ Until next time have an awesome amazing day...



  1. I really love bold, royal blues. I think they look so striking against a pale skin tone. I've got my eye on 'Blue Grape' Gelly by Barry M at the moment since I'm reaallly loving the Gelly Paints too. You should try themm! :)

    Eleanor -

    1. Oh, and you should do what I do so I can tell the shade of a nail polish from above. I dab a little bit of the nail polish onto a piece of paper and gently press the lid of the polish onto it so I have a little blob of the nail polish on there and can always tell the colour from that :) Idk if I explained that properly >.<

  2. You have so many ! So many nice shades !

  3. I haven't tried any Avon nail polishes, but I think I should seeing how many you have!


  4. Hi again, I just wanted to say that I would love some help on setting up the follow button as you so nicely offered! I don't know if you see replies that I make on my own blog or not, but just in case I thought I would write another comment here haha I have no idea how anything works I'm a hot mess

  5. I love OPI nail polishes too! I store all of my nail polishes in a single row on a shelf, so that I can see each colour clearly. Or you could try a clear box? There's a lot of transparent storage boxes from Muji.

    Also, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can read more about it on my blog :

  6. Nice post, great collection! xx