Mac Wishlist

Any person out there who loves makeup will at least once lust over Mac products, me I know its all the time! But you just automatically know they are going to be amazing quality and do the job it says it will, as the brand is specifically tailored to make makeup for makeup artists. So as I am always looking on Mac's website I thought I'd do a little wishlist showing you what I want right now from Mac, but I'm sure this list will change in a day or two!
1. So first is a Mac paint pot, and cream eyeshadows are my favourite thing by far so quick and easy to apply in the morning and can create a great base. Which is why I really want this paint pot in Painterly. Its long wearing, highly pigmented and has a seamless coverage which helps for a perfect base. So many youtubers have used this product in Painterly and other shades like Bare Study and raved about it so much It just hurts knowing its not in my collection!
2. Mac have come out with 15 shade palettes now which makes life so much easier! I've always wanted to make my own Mac palette but ever have known what shades to pick, because when you go to the counters or online there are just way to many shades that I feel bombarded and inclined to get them all aha! Where as now there is a palette made with the best warm neutral shades! The top row of shades, especially the last 3, are so beautiful I just need it now!

3. Its all about that brow game! Over the past couple of months I have been really getting into doing my brows, I've only ever used 1 product for it and I feel like I want to expand my horizons with it a little. So from Mac I would love Waterproof Brow Gel which is to define brows and put them into shape. It has a non-greasy formula with six new hues to match any hair colour. This is just a quick and easy way to make your brows look good when in a rush!

4. Obviously you can't have a Mac wishlist without having at least one of their lipsticks in there and I have 3! Its colour plus texture for the lips its what basically made M·A·C famous. So the first colour is Ruby Whoo which everyone has and my friend Courtney (who has a blog here!) and she really likes the colour and it goes with anything and lasts for agess! Next is Heroine which is a bright purple shades and Fresh Brew as I really want to try a nude colour.  

5. Blending is my favourite part of doing my eyeshadow so of course when looking at Mac products which have amazing brushes imma get one! So this brush is the 286 brush which has a soft dome shape, two-toned, duo-fibre brush of goat and synthetic fibres. What I want it most for is how it gives you a controlled application of Eye Shadow.

6. So Mac have come out with a perfume and I didn't know till the other day when I smelt it my god its beautiful! They have different sizes you get get it in as well as a roller ball. The perfume features anemone, lotus, orris and Corsican blue cedar, and I don't know what half of that is but I'm telling you it smells good! 

So let me know below what you guys what from Mac! Hope you have enjoyed reading and see you in ma next post!


FOTD #2 - Angels Last Sin

Ages ago I did a Fotd and a lot of you really liked it and it is one of my most viewed posts as well! So I was thinking why I have never done another one? they are super easy to do and you guys like them so here we are! If you want to see my last one that I did forever ago you can read it - here!So my face of the day today is a look I wear quite often as its a soft smokey eye that's not too dramatic and easy to do! So I'm really bad a taking good pictures of my face so you can sorta see my makeup here ahah! Im a really awkward poser okay guys, my pictures either look really cheesey or bad!
So for the eye shadow I used the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette which I am in love with and if you want to see my review on the palette you can read it - here! So for my eyes I first primed with the primer potion, its the only primer I find that works well with my oily eyelids and is honestly worth the price! I used four different colours from this palette... oh and excuse the lose shadow all of my palette! 
The first being Last Sin, which is a pearly pink shimmer shade with silver glitter and I placed this over my lid,

Then Angel which is the colour blow Last Sin, this is a light taupe colour with silver glitter and I used this in the crease and worked up,

After Angle I used the colour below Defy, which is a smokey taupe colour and I put this in the crease too, to add more definition and make my shadow look more smokey however I only blended it out a little. As well as placing a little under my lower lash line,

Lastly I used Truth, that is a pale pink/nude matte colour which I used to highlight my inner corner of my eye and brow bone.
For the rest of the eyes after the eyeshadow, I used Seventeens Precision Eyeliner to line my eyes of course then Avons gel pencil eyeliner, on my tight line and water line, and its the best eyeliner ever! I use it everyday and a gel eyeliner as a pencil is so easy and an amazing idea! For mascara I used Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves and I did a few layers with it. For lips I used a No7 High shin lip gloss in Whisper. 
So on my face I used the MUA pro base primer which evens out my skin tone before foundation, which I used the Rimmel Wake Me Up which is one of my favourite drug store foundations I have ever tried, as it is really light, has great coverage and is easy to apply with its liquidy consistency. And I've just used the last bit of it which I'm not happy about! For concealer I used Seventeens Phwoarr Paint which is a heavy duty concealer for under your eyes but I also use on my pigmentation and spots and Its amazing jeeze! You all have to try it so bad! To set all this I used Collections Ultimate Wear Powder.

For dem brows I used MUAs eyebrow kit which is the only thing I've ever used to fill in my brows and I want to try something new! So let me know what you guys use and what you would recommend for me. Again another MUA product (I'm not obsessed or anything!) which is the mosaic bronzer and I use a mini kabuki brush to apply. Lastly a little bit of Benefits Lolli Tint on ma cheeks! 

So yeah to the name of this post 'Angels Last Sin' I got it from the eyeshadows I used as I am terrible with coming up with names for FOTD's and OOTD's! If you guys want me to do more FOTD's then I will be happy to do so as I do change my makeup looks quite reguarly! Hope your having a wonderful day/night wherever you are!


Spring/Summer 2015 Makeup Trends From The Runway

Runways not only show us the upcoming fashion trends but also makeup and hair trends too! I love looking at makeup on the runways as the designers always chose to do something out of the box, simple and classic or damn right crazy! So to go with the spring/summer you would expect the makeup to be fresh, light, bronzed with pastel colours... but hold up! The looks on the runways chose to give us some curve balls with bold smokey eyes, insane eyeliner, bold lips and much more!
Bold lips is the first trend that caught my eye most, most of the lips were very strong colours which varied from dark purples and berrys to bright oranges and pinks. Red lips were seen tonnes on the Burberry Prorsum show, Dolce & Gabbana featured a dark purple, where as Zac Posen went with a bright orangey red colour which I love! For this trend the focus on the makeup is mainly on the lips rather than the rest of the makeup leaving the eyes plain and the face clean and simple, so your eyes get drawn straight to the lips. There was also lots of what they call diffusing of the lipsticks which they did round the edge of the lips to get a stained lip effect.  
This next one I'm not sure I like but hey it's for high fashion runway so I'll let it off and that is Expressive brows! So obviously brows are a big thing right now because girl you need that strong game, but these are far from strong. The brow trends are perfectly shaped and bushy as well as bleached brows that were both major trends on the runway and were seen on models for Betsey Johnson, BCBG, Givenchy and many many more. Some designers also chose to be more out there and use new innovative ways with rings and dashes of lines on and round the brows. Let me know below if you think their brow games are on point!?
Eyeliner is my thing so when I saw tonnes of Graphic Eyeliner I was super happy! The lines of the eyeliner go every which way possible which a classic cat eye too almost like arrows. Oscar de la Renta and Prada kept it simple with a even thickness of the eyeliner with a flick in the corner; whereas over on Cusnie et Ochs, Saint Laurent and Celine's runways they had bold black lines that some even covered the whole lid. The eyeliner wasn't just black though many designers like Fendi (which was my favorite!)  Peter Som and Doir all added a beam of bright colours. Some of the designers chose not even to use eyeliner at all, strips of leather, stickers and lipstick. Just shows that you don't have to use the ordinary products all the time, but I think that it adds a whole new level of creativity to an eye look!
So last but not least Is Black Smoke which again is another favorite of mine like they eyeliner, as it is very grungey which I am all about! So this is a trend I will be defiantly trying, time to bring out my inner Avril Lavigne aha! When I saw this trend it was the one that shocked me the most as you would expect spring and summer makeup to be light and flirty not dark and dramatic but I kinda like this change. Its a very slept-in effortless charcoal smokey eye look which was best demonstrated at Tom Ford. Chanels makeup was much the same and very dark which was a huge contrast to the tweed garments, where as Diane von Furstenberg was much more toned down and smokey.

There are tonnes more trends to the four I shared with you today like, Brown eyes, purple eyes, bronzed face, 60's lashes, barely there makeup and glitter just to name a few! If you would want me to go into more depth with some more let me know and I shall! I hope you enjoyed and see you in my next post,


Avon Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner Review

If you don't know already I am a huge fan of Avon products and on my blog already reviewed a few of their products which you can read here if ya want -Avon Ultra Colour Absolute Lipstick In Smooth Plum and Avon Nailwear Pro+ and Nail Gems. So recently I got two of their new eyeliners in their Glimmerstick Diamonds rage. The two colours I got were Smokey Diamond and Twilight Sparkle.
So what I love straight away about these eyeliners and Avon eyeliners in general is that they are twist up ones which makes everything so much easier. The packaging really nice its slim and has a band round the bottom so you know what the colour is straight away. I also really like the diamonds on it too! The only problem with twist up eyeliners is that you don't know how much product is in there but for me one of these had lasted me a really long time using it day in and out. 
The quality is amazing, with the soft and creaminess it still says on and never smudges! I love applying eyeliner on my waterline however most of the time it either fades away or smudges onto my lash line. But these last all day and stay wherever you apply! Both of them are absolutely fantastic they glide on super easy and you can get precious line or smudged effect.
As they are super soft and creamy, the eyeliner is smooth so you don't get any pulling or tugging on the skin when applying and can be applied in one stroke with out having to go over and over again! The colours are very gentle and go with any look  they have good definition but its not as harsh as just a black eyeliner which is nice to switch up from time to time. As well as adding that extra sparkle to your eyes, which catches the light more than you would think! The other colours you can get are,
The price of these eyeliners are rather reasonable at £6 as they are easy to apply, great consistency, very pigmented and stays on all day! However at the moment they are on the Avon website for only £3.10 so if you want to get your self some now is the time! 

So I hope you liked this review if you have tried this eyeliners let me know what your thoughts are on them below, until next time have a lovely day,