Mac Wishlist

Any person out there who loves makeup will at least once lust over Mac products, me I know its all the time! But you just automatically know they are going to be amazing quality and do the job it says it will, as the brand is specifically tailored to make makeup for makeup artists. So as I am always looking on Mac's website I thought I'd do a little wishlist showing you what I want right now from Mac, but I'm sure this list will change in a day or two!
1. So first is a Mac paint pot, and cream eyeshadows are my favourite thing by far so quick and easy to apply in the morning and can create a great base. Which is why I really want this paint pot in Painterly. Its long wearing, highly pigmented and has a seamless coverage which helps for a perfect base. So many youtubers have used this product in Painterly and other shades like Bare Study and raved about it so much It just hurts knowing its not in my collection!
2. Mac have come out with 15 shade palettes now which makes life so much easier! I've always wanted to make my own Mac palette but ever have known what shades to pick, because when you go to the counters or online there are just way to many shades that I feel bombarded and inclined to get them all aha! Where as now there is a palette made with the best warm neutral shades! The top row of shades, especially the last 3, are so beautiful I just need it now!

3. Its all about that brow game! Over the past couple of months I have been really getting into doing my brows, I've only ever used 1 product for it and I feel like I want to expand my horizons with it a little. So from Mac I would love Waterproof Brow Gel which is to define brows and put them into shape. It has a non-greasy formula with six new hues to match any hair colour. This is just a quick and easy way to make your brows look good when in a rush!

4. Obviously you can't have a Mac wishlist without having at least one of their lipsticks in there and I have 3! Its colour plus texture for the lips its what basically made M·A·C famous. So the first colour is Ruby Whoo which everyone has and my friend Courtney (who has a blog here!) and she really likes the colour and it goes with anything and lasts for agess! Next is Heroine which is a bright purple shades and Fresh Brew as I really want to try a nude colour.  

5. Blending is my favourite part of doing my eyeshadow so of course when looking at Mac products which have amazing brushes imma get one! So this brush is the 286 brush which has a soft dome shape, two-toned, duo-fibre brush of goat and synthetic fibres. What I want it most for is how it gives you a controlled application of Eye Shadow.

6. So Mac have come out with a perfume and I didn't know till the other day when I smelt it my god its beautiful! They have different sizes you get get it in as well as a roller ball. The perfume features anemone, lotus, orris and Corsican blue cedar, and I don't know what half of that is but I'm telling you it smells good! 

So let me know below what you guys what from Mac! Hope you have enjoyed reading and see you in ma next post!



  1. This is amazing! I love MAC and I need to save more to buy from them hahaha
    I should make my own MAC wish list too!

    love lots,

  2. The MAC lipsticks looks so pretty!


  3. This has given me some inspiration, I still have a MAC gift card to spend from Christmas. The palette does look gorgeous!
    Georgia x