Garnier Body Summerbody Moisturising Lotion Deep Sun-Kissed Look - Review

Fake tan.... nahhhhh 

Im not a fake tan type of girl, personally i just dont like the way it looks and prefer to be all natural. However, now the weather in England has got a lot better, i wanna get my legs out and wear some shorts :D but my legs are like pale, pale white. Sooooooo I invested in a gradual tanner which is in the form of a moisturizer!! :3  

I brought one by Garnier, i chose this one over other brands is because i use Garniers normal body moisturizer for every day and I really love it :DD it came to the price of £5.36 from Boots, which again i was really happy about :3

My mum told me about other brands which have done this type product and what she thought of them. She told me that they smell really bad and end up making the whole house smell >:( But wait... :O Garniers has extract of apricot to give it a summer fresh fragrance! The smell is lovely and defiantly smells summery. The moisturizer comes out in a normal white colour, and does not look like any fake tan is in it :) Once it is rubbed in it leaves you skin looking really nice and even has a little bit of shimmer in it which makes you skin glisten in the sun :3 
However... this is where the not so great part about this product comes in :( you put it on your legs (or anywhere on your body) rub it in and it looks nice. However, the next day or so your skin looks blotchy and not like you've got a tan! More like you've got a bad fake tan :( Now my mum told me that may be because i didn't rub it in well enough. 

So I gave it another go. This time really rubbing it in, so like 5 minutes on each leg just massaging into my legs. This i suppose did work but I still wasn't happy with the results. After a shower it just comes off again and doesn't stay on for long. Where as the bottle says that it gradually builds a natural-looking sun-kissed tan. Well if you dont have a shower then yeah, but you cant not shower or wash :( But if you want your legs to look nice for a night out I would suggest this as a moisturizer for that :)

I hope this review was helpful, and if you have tried this product out I would love to know your reaction and thoughts on this product in the comments :3 So have an awesome amazing day, until next time...


Barry M Limited Addition Nail Polish - Review

The other day I went out out on a trek to find a bright yellow nail polish for summer, purely because I've never tried a yellow nail polish before :D So I dragged Sam with me to searched high and low in Superdrug and Boots, before I came to the Barry M section in boots. Now I have never brought a product by Barry M before so I was a bit wary about buying something from them. But I thought, you know what live life on the edge for once, yeah ;) 

I brought one of there new limited addition nail polishes, but I can't tell you what colour it is because i don't know. This may be because there is no name for the colour or i just cant find it :P but if it is on the bottle then i should assume that the colour is either NPLEB13B or vernis à ongles???? I have no idea ahahah But the better thing is that they are only £3.99 each which is AMAZZZINGGG! :DDD

The application is really good and easy to do. The brush is quite large so you can apply the nail polish in a few strokes :) The colour is rather sheer and needs a few coats to get a good opaque colour. The bottle recommends that you put a base coat underneath before you apply the nail polish. I tried the nail polish with no base coat underneath and it lasted a pretty long time, which was to my surprise :333     

The colour yellow is perfect for the summer time, and we should all own a nail polish in this colour! :D it especially looks good against tanned skin. Or if your like me and lily white, the colour makes you skin look more tanned then you already are :DD like I mentioned before, the colour with one coat is rather sheer. It needs at least two coats, but that isn't much of a problem. I found that the nail polish dried within a minute or so, therefore as soon as you have done your hand you can go back and start again with the next coat :3 this is not the only colour in there collection, there are three more. However, only two are sold in Boots and the other two are sold in Superdrugs. There is a light baby pink, a green and a hot pink for sale. The hot pink and yellow are sold in Boots and the green and baby pink are sold in Superdrugs. :333 

How Long It Lasts
Firstly, I tried it with no base or top coat, I found that the nail polish started to chip within a few days. But that may be because I am a very hands on person, so my nail polish does chip a lot. However without the base and top coats the Barry M nail polish lasted a good week before it started to chip badly :D Which really is good considering it was just the polish on its own. I normally only wear nail polish for about a week because I like to switch the colour up a bit ;) 

After testing it out that way, I decided to re-test but with base coat. I found that this made the nail polish stay on for much, much, much longer than before. It lasted 2 weeks which could have gone on longer, but i get board easy so i changed the colour ;) So if you are looking for a nail polish that last a long time then i would suggest Barry M's nail polish :DDD

Overall I really am glad that I chose a Barry M nail polish and will certainly buy more considering how cheap they are :D leave a comment below telling me your fav summer nail polish shades :33 

Have an awesome, amazing fabulous day...


My Year 11 Prom!! :D

So if you haven't guessed from the title of this post, yes it is about my prom!!  eeekkk :D For my prom, it was a long and worth while journey from choosing my dress, to getting it altered to choosing my shoes and accessories :) Although it was long and stressful it all payed off in the end :3 

First of all is what I wore :D The dress that I wore was from an online store called Persun. I fell in love with this dress the first time i saw it online and knew i had to have it, and so i got it :D I had it made to measure and it fit me perfectly which made me 10x happier :) However I did have to get it shortened at the bottom, but that's cause im tiny :3 I got this dress in the colour ocean blue and i think that it looks beautiful in the sun and really makes you stand out over everyone else :D You can get the dress here 

My shoes were a pair of silver glitter platform courts from Dorothy Perkins, I done a post on them a while back so you can go check them out there
I got the matching bag which went with the shoes which you can see in some of the pictures below :D

My prom was on the 5th of July and let me say the weather was perfect for it :D but the only problem was that the sun was to bright so in some of the pictures my eyes were closed :/ However I did get a nice little tan on my arms ;) I went to prom with 4 other people, my boyfriend Sam, and my bestfriends Bobby, Tara and George :D and the car we went in was a burgundy/ivory Daimler ds420 :3

Our car, I think we kinda scared the driver on the way to prom ahah he most probably thinks were all freaks ;) 
Left to right... Sam, me, George, Tara and Bobby :3
Me and Sam :333
Inside of the car :D you can see mine and Sams Button hole and corsage :333
Arriving at the Hotel, which our prom was placed :D

Me and my bestie Harry :) 

Me and Tara chillin in the back seat ;)
Overall prom was one of the best days so far in my life. I was so perfect and everyone one there made it even more perfect, especially Sam :333 <3 I couldn't ask for any better friends and Boyfriend :333

Leave a comment down below telling me about your prom because i would love to know what yours was like :D and if you done a blog post on your prom like me please leave a link below too, because i would love to see all your guys pictures and see what you all were wearing :333

Have an amazing awesome day, and we shall speak soon :)