Where Have I Been!?

It's been a while hasn't it? How have you all been? Oh! and have a look around, does it look different? First of all have have taken time to change the way my blog looks, I wanted it to be more professional and I really love it! What do you guys think? I also have a portfolio page above you can click on and see the bloggers I have worked with! And if our in need of a OOTD photographer then drop me an email!

First reason why I haven't blogged in a while is because I went on holiday with all of my friends. This was to the lake district and was the most fun I've had with those guys and the best thing I've done since turning 18. We rented out a massive cottage and did tonnes of activities like paint-balling and go ape! I have made a video of this which is going to be about an hour long and I may upload it on YouTube so when I have I'll put a link below so you can watch it! 

Dior and I - Film Review

I've always wondered what is like inside a couture fashion house or what it would be like to work in one, there's so many questions I have unanswered like; is it really all handmade? How many people does it take to complete one dress? And how long does it take? The film 'Dior and I' gives you that insight to Christian Dior’s fashion house and how a collection is put together in such short time, with such a demand. You follow the designer Raf Simons who takes over as the creative director at Dior. His work is very minimalist so going into couture let's his audience see that he doesn’t just work in this way! Dior came into his element in the 50s with a post war New Look which changed the way women dressed. The garments became very feminine and reflected the stereotypical shape of a woman with a small waist and hour glass figure. Dior creates his brand to dress women and make them feel sophisticated, dainty, elegant and more confident.

The brand has a very distinctive look which is so well known and since Christian Dior passed just 10 years after creating the house, other designers have taken the role as art director but still have kept the iconic design of the original garments but modernized them to the time they were working there. Simons states that though he is the head of designs he still feels like he is working for Christian Dior and the 'Name' of the brand rests on him. You see him look back though previous designs and the first originals to gain inspiration of the shape and the cuts of the garments, he adapts them to make them modern with his own twist but still very much Dior. 

My Current Playlist

This post is a bit different to what I normally do but I love reading these posts because I love to be nosey I find out what different music people listen too! My music tastes varies a lot and I mean a lot a lot ahah! My music taste can be anywhere from One Direction all the way too Suicide Silence Aka 'Scary music' to some people! I thought I'd do this post to let you guys know a bit more of what type of music I'm into plus what I'm loving at the moment and maybe introduce you to new artists and songs!

The first on my playlist is always All Time Low, and if you don't know me, they are my favourite band so any new music they come out with I'm instantly in love! My favourite song by them at the moment is Kids in the Dark from there new album Future Hearts. The album was debuted number 1 in the UK, and sold over 75,000 copies in the first week so if you haven't listened too it you know that its gonna be good! They still have their pop punk feel but took some of the songs in a new direction. My most played are ; Kids in the Dark, Somethings Gotta Give, Dancing With a Wolf and Kicking and Screaming!

Mac Turquatic Review

I'm not  a huge perfume collector but when I find one and I love the smell of it, I know I have to have it! Earlier this year I made a Mac wishlist (which you can check out here - Mac Wishlist) and for my birthday my Auntie and Uncle got it for me, so that's one of the things off my wishlist! This is Mac's latest fragrance which you can buy in a 20/50ml bottle, roller-ball, hand and body wash and a body wash. Each being a little pricey but its Mac after all! But can we all just take a moment to take in how beautiful the packaging of this perfume is!

ASOS Swimwear Wishlist

Where I haven't been on holiday for a year or so I only have one swim suit that fits, cause ya know dem boobies are getting bigger aha! But this year I am going on holiday and I am in desperate need of some new suits! And Asos oh how I love you! There swimwear is just on point this year and the other brands have got it down too. It was hard to narrow down to which ones I loved the most but these have to be my favourite, the more high priced ones I doubt ill get because I'm just not that loaded yet! But if you are looking for some inspiration for swimsuits or are looking for some defiantly check out Asos and I hope this post helps!

ASOS Swimwear Wishlist


This swimsuit is by Blue Life, and it's the first time I've actually heard of this brand! It’s a made from a stretch swim fabric, which has a low cut back and semi-sheer mesh panels, which is my favourite part! I love the way that this bikini looks and at the moment I love all in one pieces especially with the high rise thighs. But this could be worn like a body suit with shorts over the top for when you’re not in the pool or at the beach.


This is another branded one by L'Agent and is a hefty £110 but if I had that money spare to spend on a swimsuit I would! What I love most about it is the colour, how it’s so vibrant, fresh and summery and I love this shade of blue as its very similar to my prom dress! The zip detail at the front is nice to, it’s simple but classy which I like.

This is another full body bikini but this time coming from Wildfox, and personally I can't say I don't like anything they have designed, the print is what really drew me to this. The cut to it is really flattering and has a scoop neckline which isn't too low, with cut out sides and tassels on the bottom half. I would defiantly get this to make a fashion statement round the pool!

ASOS swim suit top

This one is a lot more simple but one I defiantly will purchase because it's such a staple swimsuit and you can easily mix and match it with other suits too! As well as it being a lot cheaper than the branded ones too, you can get different styles for the tops and bottoms to suit what type you like.


This next one is by Motel and they always do the cutest swimwear ever and you can see I chose 3 of their suits! Much like the Wildfox one the pattern was what drew me too it, I love really load prints and patterns. It dose have a very low plunge neck line which is something I don't normally go for but I still loathe it!

This one reminds me a lot of the triangle swimwear with the panelling on the seams, but at a much cheaper price. Black is one of my favourite colours (or shall I say shade!) and this drew me straight to it, the glossy faux leather effect just gives the simple designs some pazazz. It has removable straps for the top which is always contaminate too!

Motel white swim top

This is more girly than the other ones and I'm not a lover of floral print but Motel has just won me over again! I love the little bows and the cut out detailing on the top and bottom of the bikini. The top has a removable halter neck and the bottoms are hight waisted which I think is so flattering.

Motel Here 2 Top Elephants Bikini Crop

Last but not least is again another Motel bikini, surprise surprise! This one is more bohemian with the Indian elephant print which is adorable. I also love the style of the top too which always looks better on people who don't have the biggest boobs in the world. And again its in black and white, I just cant get away from the monochrome!

Let me know which swimsuit was your favourite and if you have an places or sights where you get your swimsuits from because I love checking out new sites! Until next time have an amazing day,


10 Pale Girl Problems

I always hear people in summer complain about how they have to buy a new foundation because there skin is so tanned! I know the world of light beaming legs, visible veins and bruises on your legs, and burning in the instant you walk out side. I'm ginger to so basically I'm like a vampire in the sun! If your not pale skin these are 10 things we have to put up with and if you are pale let me know if you can totally relate to them! Leave your thoughts in the comments if you have more problems you face with being pale!

(can we just evaluate why this first part of my post is in caps? But not this bit? ahah) 

1. Having people calling you a ghost, white as a sheet or just telling you your so pale!

2. ‘Radiant, glowing skin’ For me that's just being so white I reflect the sun!

3. When you actually feel like you get a "tan" you're actually just a normal human skin tone!

4. You burn super duper easy and end up having odd, and weird tan lines.
5. You actually try and fake tan and you end up looking like a hot mess!

6. When you make sure you put on lots of factor 50 and you still burn! Damn you sun!! Time to whip out the factor 150!

7. Finding a foundation that matches your skin tone is like finding a pin in a haystack!
8. Then when you don't wear any foundation people always ask you if your feeling okay!

9.There's no way that you can blush and get embarrassed with out anyone knowing!
10. People don't believe that I actually like being pale, I've spent way too much time feeling insecure about it that now I just own it!

I hope you liked this post, its a bit different from what I normally and I took inspiration from some posts my friend Courtney dose, which are similar to these so if you wanna read more check out her blog! http://wonderofdreams.blogspot.co.uk/

Leave comments below on what ticks you off if your pale! Until next time have a great day,


ZUZKA Natural Beauty Review

Not too long ago I got sent two products from Zuzka Natural Beauty which I am super excited to share with you guys, as its an amazing brand with amazing quality products! I got sent to try their Mineral Foundation and their Natural Lipgloss, from when I got the email saying that they are sending the the products came straight in the mail in just two days! The brand was made by a lady called Susan Kohutova who has been in the Health & Beauty business for over 20 years, so she defiantly knows her stuff! The products are all made from a range of natural cosmetics, that are free from harsh detergents and synthetic ingredients in the aim that could be tolerated by even the most delicate skin. Having very sensitive skin myself I was really keen to try these out as some makeup products I can't actually use! 

When you get your products through the post they send you a booklet too with a list of all the products with specifications on what the products are and what they can do. Which I think is really useful for if you want to buy more and a smart move from the company to promote and increase sales! The products came all bubble wrapped very tightly and the products weren't damaged which I was very pleased with! 
The first product is the Mineral Foundation a product I've wanted to try! I was amazed but how well it works the colour is perfect for my light skin tone. It really helps if you have red or pink under tones, and I have red cheeks and it defiantly helps! The formula is very smooth and lightweight so you don't feel caked up and your face looks natural too. The foundation is like a powder to cream formula which sits nicely on the face. Its very easy to apply with any powdered or flat top brush and you don't need a lot to fill your face either. However it can get messy if you are clumsy like me aha!
What I love about this product is that it provides natural SPF so you face is always topped up on natural sunscreen. As well as being nourishing for your face and helping your skin, in such problems like acne and rosacea. I have mix combination skin, which is mainly oily and getting a matte face to stay all day can be tricky but  this foundation defiantly makes your face matte and non oily.

The next product is their Natural Lipgloss, I got it sent in the colour Mango which is a beautiful peachy cream colour which has shimmer in it, which is not too overwhelming and ascents it perfectly. Again, just like the foundation, this lipgloss is made from the finest natural organic products this one being oils & waxes. The lipgloss has a smooth application and glides on effortlessly with out having to use a brush or take time with. I find that the lipgloss is not sticky and not to runny just the right consistency to last a long time. As well as all these perks its a very high gloss lip product which gives the lips a more enhanced fuller look in a very natural  way!
The brand have lots more different colours on their site as well as having every colour in a lip gloss and a lip stick, so if your not a fan of one you can always have the other! What I love most about the shade that I got sent, is the way that works well with my light skin tone, the colour is very layerable as well so you can have a sheer look or build up colour. As well as being a perfect shimmery shade for the spring and summer!

This lipgloss to me doesn't really have any smell at all so if you are like me and hate some smells of products you will have a blast with this! Some lip products tend to have taste because they do go on your lips however this one doesn't so you don't get distracted with licking your lips! I would be pretty awesome if this did have a taste or smell like a mango because of the shade name, but I doubt this would work with the other shades like Sorrento, can a place have a taste aha! But Honey, Grape and Candy Floss though?
Overall I love these two products and will defiantly check out their site again to try some new products, especially knowing that their products are not tested on animals. However their products can be pricey with the foundation being £18.99, however it looks like you don't get that much with the pot only carrying 7g but a little bit goes a long way! Then lipgloss being £14.99 for a 10ml tube but just like the foundation a little bit goes a long way so you have the product for a long time.

Not only they have mineral makeup they also sell skin care, hair care, men products and gifts, which are fresh and all hand made! If you are interested in buying or looking on their website you can check the links below out,

Let me know what you think of this brand and if you would check them out because I would totally recommend! Once again thank you too the team at Zuzka for sending me these products to review, and see you in my next post!


FOTD #3 - Naked 3 Palette

So about a month ago I finally got the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay, and need I say more because we all know how amazing the Naked line is! I really love all the colours in this palette and I think that the pink and purple shades really compliment my eyes! So I have been wearing non stop, and thought I'd share with you one of the looks I've been wearing a lot recently on a day-to-day basis!

 So the products that I used on my face today are as followed and are in the order I used them with links too! Cause I'm just so good to you guys ;) 



Zuzka Natural Lipgloss in Mango

So the Naked 3 pallette was the main focus to this look and I went a bit more suttle today than what I normally do, cause I feel I dont need to go 'out, out' to got dramatic! But after applying primer potion, cause gurrll got them oil eyelids! I use the maybelline collour tattoo in pink gold over, then applied the colour Dust (1) over that as the colours match perfectly and the colour tattoo helps the it stay. Then I took Buzz (2) and applied to the outer half of my eye to help darken the corner up a little. I used Nooner (3) next and applied to my crease and outer corner and worked up to ma desired smokeiness. After I took a tapered blending brush and used Darkside (4) and applied right in the crease to add more smoke and definition. Then lastly Strange (5) to highlight my brow bone. 

If you would like to see some different looks that I have done with the Naked 3 palette or another palette let me know and I'll be on it! If you would like to see any other FOTD's I've done then just click the links below! Until next have a lovely day...


Finishing College

So my blog posts have been seriously slacking for a while now (and kinda this whole year!) and this really makes me sad, because I really love blogging but more important things in my life had to be done first, like finishing college. This year in college has by far been the most stressful and having to do a whole project based on whatever you wanted, while making a collection of garments is certainly time consuming! I do have pictures of the garments I have made and may make a blog post about it with them when I get the pictures back! I'm not sure where I really wanted this blog post to go, but really share how it was for me and what my highlights were! I did a post last year on my first year of college if you want to read that too - My First Year At College! My Experience + Advice!

First and for most the best highlight of college is the friends I have made, which could sound quite childish but to be honest two years ago starting this course I didn't think that I would have! I've never really gotten on that well with girls (besides a few) and doing a fashion course which has all girls, besides Aidan! Was very daunting and I really had no hope. But there has been three girls Charlie, Courtney and Chloe who I have become really close to and I couldn't imagine life with out em'. Cheesy and sad I know ahah! We are all very different but are always willing to help one another with advice from boys to clothes. And to mention clothes that is our strongest bond! We do, do a fashion course after all! I know you girls will read this but thank you, in the none corniest way possible ahah! I know that these three will stay in touch and hopefully be friends for life though we are all going our separate ways. Enough of me typing cause I feel like imma type an essay if I continue but here's a few of my favourite pictures from this year...

The next best thing about college I think the work, though I do complain a lot I really did enjoy what I studied and I think that's what helped me, even through the ruff times, to make it enjoyable. If you don't know already I studied a Level 3 BTEC in Fashion and Clothing. The last project we had to do in our final year is called a FMP or Final Major Project which meant we had to do a sketch book of work and a collection for a final fashion show. I would have pictures to show you of my work and collection but its at college but when I get it back I can do a blog post for you explaining if you guys would find it interesting! My theme was Alice In Wonderland too!

The last highlight which can be split into two parts was making a portfolio, for my University interviews. This was a very interesting a weird thing to do and I guess make as I never really saw an art portfolio before and didn't know that it was A1 sized! It took a lot of work to make and put together a collection of my best art work, essays, photographs and illustrations. I really loved the way that it came out and especially the pictures I took for it! The second part to this is having Uni interviews, getting excepting and now on my way to go to my first choice Uni which I'm really proud about! Again like my FMP if you want me to do a blog post on my portfolio and how I done it, I would be happy to do so. And these are a few of the pictures I had put in there which I am really happy over and one day I could be taking these pictures for a living! 

So if you have any questions about college if you are starting in September or anything else drop me a comment! And if you have just finished school, college or uni let me know what your highlights were or your experience! So yeah I'm back in the blogging world and hopefully can keep it up over the summer as I have a tonne of awesome ideas to share with you!

Denim - Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Trend

I would have to say I am a denim lover even though I only wear jeans but still, after researching into this trend which I saw on the runways for S/S 2015 I am definitely in love with all the tailored pieces, lots ripped and patched jeans. There was everything from dress to shirts and jeans, designers have totally re-designed denim in a whole new experience. One trend I am so excited to see for this year is the 70's flared vibe that coming back, and yes you know where this is going... flared jeans! To be frank I am in love with them, however I feel that I wont be able to pull them off with my little legs! But if you are a long legged friend get ready to get some high waisted flared jeans with wooden blocked heels and silk blouses. In 2014 it was all about the casual boyfriend Jean that every brand designed, some ripped, some people ripped but this year I feel that the flare could be the new boyfriend!
flares by rougeinlove97 featuring flared denim jeans 

Theres lots of darker denim for the s/s which shocked me, as lighter and white denim are mainly seen throughout this time of year! High-waisted dark denim flares are a staple and could be a new smart daytime update on pencil skirts. My favourite denim skirts seen for this ear is the A-line button down ones, they are now seen every where on the high street from Newlook to ASOS. Alexa Chung was inspire by these skirts and made her own AG Denim collection which is flawless! You could pair these skirts with a high neck polo t-shirt to add to the 70's vibe much like the flares! Here's some of my favourites that you can get from high-street and designer, they vary from mini to knee length so there's a wide section to chose from!
Button Down Skirts
Button Down Skirts by rougeinlove97 

The next denim trend is one that I love and that is dungarees and I actually own a pair myself! Dungarees are so much fun and easy to move about in so whats not to love! They may make you look and feel like a child as well as a factory worker but if you style it right you can get them on point! To work with the 70's style you could pair with a blouse and chunky wooden heels or wedges. I like to pair mine with a simple crop top or a bardot style of the shoulder crop top. But if were to wear them with converse's you could totally set off the 90's grunge look.

These are a few of my favourite trends to do with denim, but there is an endless list like denim dresses, suits, kick flares and girlfriend jeans. So as I've shared the trends these are a few designers that I have been loving on the Spring/Summer runways and have embraced the denim too!
So what are your guys thoughts an opinions on this trend? and is there any other trends you are loving for this year? I hope you enjoyed this post as well as found it helpful! If you have any post requests let me know below as well!


Michael Kors Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear Collection

Michael, Michael, Michael Kors oh where do I start! This man is my most favourite fashion designers of all time, everything he designs is beyond beautiful and if I was rich enough I would buy every piece! And it will happen one day! So I thought I'd share the love with you, by showing you his Spring/Summer 2015 collection, which in every aspect blew me away. Those sun glasses in the picture below oohh I want me some of them and that girl in the back in black below kinda looks like Keira Knightley... or is that just me??
To start with Michael had a lot of inspiration behind his designs which helped with the shape, colour, texture and form of the garments and accessories he designed. Mainly he was inspired from the post war spring time in the 50's and you can clearly see the classic 50's silhouettes especially in the skirts. He wanted to convey the optimism which came about after the War, and I really think he has with the colours and prints which make his collection very vivid and sunny, which defiantly puts a smile on my face! The patterns are what I love most, they catch your eyes which the bold and vibrant colours and on patterns which have more than one colour he chose to contrast so each colour can be seen and have their own chance to shine!
Going on from the inspiration of the 50s he also chose this because he feels that spring is all about re-birth and what better way to represent that than the 50's as it was a new light from the war and all about optimism!
So the show started with a handful of white garments which has lace, crochet detailing, they are very simple, clean and chic which I love!
The show continues bringing out navy's and yellows which obviously completion each other so well, with some garments having leather detailing as well! Floral prints as well as strips and chequered prints also graced Michael Kors' runway effortlessly as well. Although there was lots of bright colours on the prints, garments which didn't have any prints saw a more nude natural tone some even black and white mono chrome, however all the pieces flowed together.
My favroite outfit by far was worn by the amazing Victoria Secret model Candice and she totally worked this outfit! This would be somthing I would totally wear and the leather straps which wrap around the waist to a belt round the waist. 
Let me know what your favourite outfit is from his collection and any fashion trends you are loving for spring so far! 


Mac Wishlist

Any person out there who loves makeup will at least once lust over Mac products, me I know its all the time! But you just automatically know they are going to be amazing quality and do the job it says it will, as the brand is specifically tailored to make makeup for makeup artists. So as I am always looking on Mac's website I thought I'd do a little wishlist showing you what I want right now from Mac, but I'm sure this list will change in a day or two!
1. So first is a Mac paint pot, and cream eyeshadows are my favourite thing by far so quick and easy to apply in the morning and can create a great base. Which is why I really want this paint pot in Painterly. Its long wearing, highly pigmented and has a seamless coverage which helps for a perfect base. So many youtubers have used this product in Painterly and other shades like Bare Study and raved about it so much It just hurts knowing its not in my collection!
2. Mac have come out with 15 shade palettes now which makes life so much easier! I've always wanted to make my own Mac palette but ever have known what shades to pick, because when you go to the counters or online there are just way to many shades that I feel bombarded and inclined to get them all aha! Where as now there is a palette made with the best warm neutral shades! The top row of shades, especially the last 3, are so beautiful I just need it now!

3. Its all about that brow game! Over the past couple of months I have been really getting into doing my brows, I've only ever used 1 product for it and I feel like I want to expand my horizons with it a little. So from Mac I would love Waterproof Brow Gel which is to define brows and put them into shape. It has a non-greasy formula with six new hues to match any hair colour. This is just a quick and easy way to make your brows look good when in a rush!

4. Obviously you can't have a Mac wishlist without having at least one of their lipsticks in there and I have 3! Its colour plus texture for the lips its what basically made M·A·C famous. So the first colour is Ruby Whoo which everyone has and my friend Courtney (who has a blog here!) and she really likes the colour and it goes with anything and lasts for agess! Next is Heroine which is a bright purple shades and Fresh Brew as I really want to try a nude colour.  

5. Blending is my favourite part of doing my eyeshadow so of course when looking at Mac products which have amazing brushes imma get one! So this brush is the 286 brush which has a soft dome shape, two-toned, duo-fibre brush of goat and synthetic fibres. What I want it most for is how it gives you a controlled application of Eye Shadow.

6. So Mac have come out with a perfume and I didn't know till the other day when I smelt it my god its beautiful! They have different sizes you get get it in as well as a roller ball. The perfume features anemone, lotus, orris and Corsican blue cedar, and I don't know what half of that is but I'm telling you it smells good! 

So let me know below what you guys what from Mac! Hope you have enjoyed reading and see you in ma next post!