Finishing College

So my blog posts have been seriously slacking for a while now (and kinda this whole year!) and this really makes me sad, because I really love blogging but more important things in my life had to be done first, like finishing college. This year in college has by far been the most stressful and having to do a whole project based on whatever you wanted, while making a collection of garments is certainly time consuming! I do have pictures of the garments I have made and may make a blog post about it with them when I get the pictures back! I'm not sure where I really wanted this blog post to go, but really share how it was for me and what my highlights were! I did a post last year on my first year of college if you want to read that too - My First Year At College! My Experience + Advice!

First and for most the best highlight of college is the friends I have made, which could sound quite childish but to be honest two years ago starting this course I didn't think that I would have! I've never really gotten on that well with girls (besides a few) and doing a fashion course which has all girls, besides Aidan! Was very daunting and I really had no hope. But there has been three girls Charlie, Courtney and Chloe who I have become really close to and I couldn't imagine life with out em'. Cheesy and sad I know ahah! We are all very different but are always willing to help one another with advice from boys to clothes. And to mention clothes that is our strongest bond! We do, do a fashion course after all! I know you girls will read this but thank you, in the none corniest way possible ahah! I know that these three will stay in touch and hopefully be friends for life though we are all going our separate ways. Enough of me typing cause I feel like imma type an essay if I continue but here's a few of my favourite pictures from this year...

The next best thing about college I think the work, though I do complain a lot I really did enjoy what I studied and I think that's what helped me, even through the ruff times, to make it enjoyable. If you don't know already I studied a Level 3 BTEC in Fashion and Clothing. The last project we had to do in our final year is called a FMP or Final Major Project which meant we had to do a sketch book of work and a collection for a final fashion show. I would have pictures to show you of my work and collection but its at college but when I get it back I can do a blog post for you explaining if you guys would find it interesting! My theme was Alice In Wonderland too!

The last highlight which can be split into two parts was making a portfolio, for my University interviews. This was a very interesting a weird thing to do and I guess make as I never really saw an art portfolio before and didn't know that it was A1 sized! It took a lot of work to make and put together a collection of my best art work, essays, photographs and illustrations. I really loved the way that it came out and especially the pictures I took for it! The second part to this is having Uni interviews, getting excepting and now on my way to go to my first choice Uni which I'm really proud about! Again like my FMP if you want me to do a blog post on my portfolio and how I done it, I would be happy to do so. And these are a few of the pictures I had put in there which I am really happy over and one day I could be taking these pictures for a living! 

So if you have any questions about college if you are starting in September or anything else drop me a comment! And if you have just finished school, college or uni let me know what your highlights were or your experience! So yeah I'm back in the blogging world and hopefully can keep it up over the summer as I have a tonne of awesome ideas to share with you!


  1. Well done on completing it!! You've obviously worked hard and its lovely you have made friends!x

    1. Thank you! and yeah I pretty lucky :D x

  2. Your photo's are gorgeous. Love the OOTD one's :) xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle