ZUZKA Natural Beauty Review

Not too long ago I got sent two products from Zuzka Natural Beauty which I am super excited to share with you guys, as its an amazing brand with amazing quality products! I got sent to try their Mineral Foundation and their Natural Lipgloss, from when I got the email saying that they are sending the the products came straight in the mail in just two days! The brand was made by a lady called Susan Kohutova who has been in the Health & Beauty business for over 20 years, so she defiantly knows her stuff! The products are all made from a range of natural cosmetics, that are free from harsh detergents and synthetic ingredients in the aim that could be tolerated by even the most delicate skin. Having very sensitive skin myself I was really keen to try these out as some makeup products I can't actually use! 

When you get your products through the post they send you a booklet too with a list of all the products with specifications on what the products are and what they can do. Which I think is really useful for if you want to buy more and a smart move from the company to promote and increase sales! The products came all bubble wrapped very tightly and the products weren't damaged which I was very pleased with! 
The first product is the Mineral Foundation a product I've wanted to try! I was amazed but how well it works the colour is perfect for my light skin tone. It really helps if you have red or pink under tones, and I have red cheeks and it defiantly helps! The formula is very smooth and lightweight so you don't feel caked up and your face looks natural too. The foundation is like a powder to cream formula which sits nicely on the face. Its very easy to apply with any powdered or flat top brush and you don't need a lot to fill your face either. However it can get messy if you are clumsy like me aha!
What I love about this product is that it provides natural SPF so you face is always topped up on natural sunscreen. As well as being nourishing for your face and helping your skin, in such problems like acne and rosacea. I have mix combination skin, which is mainly oily and getting a matte face to stay all day can be tricky but  this foundation defiantly makes your face matte and non oily.

The next product is their Natural Lipgloss, I got it sent in the colour Mango which is a beautiful peachy cream colour which has shimmer in it, which is not too overwhelming and ascents it perfectly. Again, just like the foundation, this lipgloss is made from the finest natural organic products this one being oils & waxes. The lipgloss has a smooth application and glides on effortlessly with out having to use a brush or take time with. I find that the lipgloss is not sticky and not to runny just the right consistency to last a long time. As well as all these perks its a very high gloss lip product which gives the lips a more enhanced fuller look in a very natural  way!
The brand have lots more different colours on their site as well as having every colour in a lip gloss and a lip stick, so if your not a fan of one you can always have the other! What I love most about the shade that I got sent, is the way that works well with my light skin tone, the colour is very layerable as well so you can have a sheer look or build up colour. As well as being a perfect shimmery shade for the spring and summer!

This lipgloss to me doesn't really have any smell at all so if you are like me and hate some smells of products you will have a blast with this! Some lip products tend to have taste because they do go on your lips however this one doesn't so you don't get distracted with licking your lips! I would be pretty awesome if this did have a taste or smell like a mango because of the shade name, but I doubt this would work with the other shades like Sorrento, can a place have a taste aha! But Honey, Grape and Candy Floss though?
Overall I love these two products and will defiantly check out their site again to try some new products, especially knowing that their products are not tested on animals. However their products can be pricey with the foundation being £18.99, however it looks like you don't get that much with the pot only carrying 7g but a little bit goes a long way! Then lipgloss being £14.99 for a 10ml tube but just like the foundation a little bit goes a long way so you have the product for a long time.

Not only they have mineral makeup they also sell skin care, hair care, men products and gifts, which are fresh and all hand made! If you are interested in buying or looking on their website you can check the links below out,

Let me know what you think of this brand and if you would check them out because I would totally recommend! Once again thank you too the team at Zuzka for sending me these products to review, and see you in my next post!



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  2. First time ever that I have come across this brand, products looks great

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    1. I know same here but its a really great brand! x