10 Pale Girl Problems

I always hear people in summer complain about how they have to buy a new foundation because there skin is so tanned! I know the world of light beaming legs, visible veins and bruises on your legs, and burning in the instant you walk out side. I'm ginger to so basically I'm like a vampire in the sun! If your not pale skin these are 10 things we have to put up with and if you are pale let me know if you can totally relate to them! Leave your thoughts in the comments if you have more problems you face with being pale!

(can we just evaluate why this first part of my post is in caps? But not this bit? ahah) 

1. Having people calling you a ghost, white as a sheet or just telling you your so pale!

2. ‘Radiant, glowing skin’ For me that's just being so white I reflect the sun!

3. When you actually feel like you get a "tan" you're actually just a normal human skin tone!

4. You burn super duper easy and end up having odd, and weird tan lines.
5. You actually try and fake tan and you end up looking like a hot mess!

6. When you make sure you put on lots of factor 50 and you still burn! Damn you sun!! Time to whip out the factor 150!

7. Finding a foundation that matches your skin tone is like finding a pin in a haystack!
8. Then when you don't wear any foundation people always ask you if your feeling okay!

9.There's no way that you can blush and get embarrassed with out anyone knowing!
10. People don't believe that I actually like being pale, I've spent way too much time feeling insecure about it that now I just own it!

I hope you liked this post, its a bit different from what I normally and I took inspiration from some posts my friend Courtney dose, which are similar to these so if you wanna read more check out her blog! http://wonderofdreams.blogspot.co.uk/

Leave comments below on what ticks you off if your pale! Until next time have a great day,


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