Avon Ultra Colour Absolute Lipstick In Smooth Plum - Review!

Today's blog post is going to be on a review of the Avon Ultra Colour Absolute Lipstick which is in Smooth Plum! My Nan actually got this for me as she lives near an Avon seller and she knew I really wanted a dark purply pink lipstick! So there are 10 different shades in this collection of lipstick. They are described as on the website as - A rich colour and deeply moisturising lipstick, that keeps caring, even after you've taken it off. Rich, intense colour that cares, with Collagen, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, phytol and SPF 15. 
So the first thing you see even before the lipstick itself is the packaging! For me the packaging isn't too much of a big deal and don't mind what it looks like as long as the product is good on the inside! However I do like the packaging on this! It is all plastic which is okay but it doesn't look bad, I like the pink base and the clear tinted lid so you can see the colour inside. Plastic packaging sometimes can be a bad idea ask it can break easy if dropped, but this is surprisingly tough! I am a very clumsy person and have already dropped it on my wooden floor and did not break even scratch!
When applying the lipstick it is very smooth and creamy, but not overly creamy! It is easy to apply and you don't need to keep applying to get an deep colour that's not sheer. Its very opaque the first time you put on which is a plus! As its a dark colour you obviously have to be careful when applying to make sure you don't go over your lip line and make it look messy! So I would suggest using a lip liner or a lip brush so you can get it on point ;)
The colour especially for this shade is just heaven! If you are looking for the perfect grudge colour that still is girly with the hint of pink in there which tones it down then this is for you! You can also see in my swatch above that there is a little bit of shimmer which doesn't over power! I have worn this so many times too edge up a look, but the colour can also be worn sophisticatedly too! Its a versatile colour which which can be dressed up or down! The colours do look a lot different from what they do in the Avon book and website so be warned about that! These are all the different colours and you can see the smooth plum looks a lot more pinky purple on my swatch to the picture!
The lasting power of the lipstick isn't the greatest unfortunately, if you eat and drink with it on it will come off straight away. Although if you wear it out and don't drink or eat it will last a good few hours before the middle starts to fade away. However, when it does it leaves a nasty line round your lips which does look a little weird and my friends laughed at me ;) Its not a good look so if you can when wearing it touch it up as much as your can to avoid the lines!

Overall I really love this lipstick even though it doesn't last as long as I would like but that shouldn't stop you from buying it as the colours and the feel of the lipstick is what makes them amazing! What else is great is that the lipstick has SPF in which is very important to have! A lot of people don't this but your lips are also very sensitive to the sun and can get damaged like your skin. The sun ages skin and your lips, the SPF keeps your lips feeling and looking healthy and vibrant! Also not putting protection on your lips can increased risk of getting skin cancer or another skin conditions! 

The price of these are £8, which is okay I guess considering that many other drugstore lipsticks range from £4 to £12. Avon is a great place to get makeup or any beauty products from as they always have special deals, with money off or buy one get one half price and so on! I'll have the link to the lipstick below if you are interested of buying and I hop you enjoyed reading my review and if you have any extra comments on this product let me know in the comments below! Oooh that rhymed ;) 

So until next time have an awesome amazing day...


The Best Friend Challenge!

So this post is only going to be a little short one telling you about my latest video, which featured my best friend Harry! So we decided to film a video together and I thought that the regular tags were a bit boring for us so I decided to mix things up a bit and add cream! ;) We had many stages to this challenge to see who was the best overall, this being questions about each other, chubby bunny challenge, rock paper scissors and a arm wrestle! When someone got a question wrong or lost a challenge they got a cream pie in their face ;)

So if you want to see the video and see who won then watch the video below!

If you watched the video I hope you enjoyed! Also when I was editing I paused on some pretty funny faces so here are a few of my favourites from the video...
So if you watched the video let me know down below what part did you like or find the funniest! and until next time have an awesome amazing day...