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This post is a bit different to what I normally do but I love reading these posts because I love to be nosey I find out what different music people listen too! My music tastes varies a lot and I mean a lot a lot ahah! My music taste can be anywhere from One Direction all the way too Suicide Silence Aka 'Scary music' to some people! I thought I'd do this post to let you guys know a bit more of what type of music I'm into plus what I'm loving at the moment and maybe introduce you to new artists and songs!

The first on my playlist is always All Time Low, and if you don't know me, they are my favourite band so any new music they come out with I'm instantly in love! My favourite song by them at the moment is Kids in the Dark from there new album Future Hearts. The album was debuted number 1 in the UK, and sold over 75,000 copies in the first week so if you haven't listened too it you know that its gonna be good! They still have their pop punk feel but took some of the songs in a new direction. My most played are ; Kids in the Dark, Somethings Gotta Give, Dancing With a Wolf and Kicking and Screaming!

Next is band is actually new to me and my boyfriend Chris actually showed me this next song called In Between and its soo catchy! They are a metalcore band that formed in 2012. Their Album Disgusting which was released in 2014 features three of their best songs In Between, The Lines and Beaten in Lips. They have a good mix between singing and screaming so its not so its very easy listening, to me that is aha! So thank you Chris for introducing me to them! Him and his band are covering the song below so check out their band Reach Out Till Dawn - Go like their facebook page!

Like I said my music taste changes a lot aha so next Selena Gomez (I'm slightly obsessed) she used to be my secret music guilty pleasure that I listen to but never told anyone because they would take the mick! We all have them people we love to listen too but don't tell because of the embarrassment! But over the past year I have opened up to my love for her, from her films, music and fashion. I really like the style of her music from when she started to the Stars Dance album but recently she came out with a song call Good For You. Normally I wouldn't really like this style of music, but its so different and I can't stop listening to it!

Next is a  band that again new to me and I heard first on kerrang and I was obsessed! I searched ages to find out who it was by and what the song was and ever since I have I had be listening over and over again! This song is called Can't Kick Up The Roots and is by Neck Deep. The song is so catchy and defiantly a song that lifts up my mood instantly. They have released a new music video for the song Gold Steps which is just as good!

Bring me the Horizon have been one of my favorite bands for around 4 years now, they have released 3 new songs which is going on their album Spirit which is coming out September 11 and it sounds very different to their old stuff. But a good difference! At first I was a bit shocked with the fact Oil Sykes wasn't really screaming much anymore. But hey, he's getting older and I can't be good for his voice! But the song Throne..... it actually makes me drawl when I listen to it! The lyrics are just so good and the music video is a little odd but I like the oddness!

Lastly is two songs, because I just couldn't chose between them, that are by the gorgeous Carley Rae Jepsen. Not long a go I went with my family to see the Americas Cup and to watch the Portsmouth Live gig, which I saw Carley, McBusted, Wet Wet Wet and Spandu Ballet which was by far one of my best experiences ever and It was my first ever gig! Carley was so amazing and sounded so perfect live and I have been hooked on her ever since! The first song is one of her newest ones called Run Away With Me and the into to it is rather catchy! Then the second is Tonight I'm Getting Over You, which is defiantly one of those uplifting break up songs! And can we just talk about how adorable she is!

So these are my top songs that I am obsessing over right now, I hope you liked learning about the different music I'm listening to and let me know what songs you have on repeat right now! Oh and if you listen to any Rock/Punk bands let me know as I love finding new bands to listen too! Have an awesome day,


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  1. I love Selena Gomez, that song is my favourite!