5 Reasons To Never Sleep In Your Makeup

We all know we should take our makeup off at nights, but you know, some nights were really tired... or just cant be bothered! Trust me I am a massive sinner when it comes to this! I know how bad it can be for you but something I can hardly get in the habit of doing, is anyone else like this? Some of the reasons I have had first hand experience with, blackheads... yeah my number one problem, and yeah I'm kinda ashamed to say it but its from me not taking my makeup off! I've put together a list from what I have researched to warn you all who do wear your makeup to bed do get you not to and to give me motivation to actually be bothered to take it off!

1. How and why do we get most blackheads? From sleeping in our makeup! Your makeup will hold all of the dirt and oil your face collects over the day. So that in the end clogs up your pores leading to blackheads and spots. Its the most obvious and convincing reason to take off your makeup.

2. If you leave eyeshadow on your eyelids, this can clog your oil glands and hair follicles on your eyelids which can lead to some infections like Styes. Also if you rub your eyes and makeup gets in or lose eyelashes with mascara on, this can lead to irritative conjunctivitis which I have suffered from! Let me tell you its not fun aha!

3. This next one I found super weird you can actually ingest your lipstick (ew) as well as many of the waxes that make up the lip products can again clog the pores around your lips and create blackheads. Which are never attractive!

4. So your face is basically a bacterial breeding ground... yum! When you take your makeup off you should also wash your face thoroughly too, because every piece of grit and grim that has lied there throughout the day will just sit and grow overnight. Creating spots, Cold sores and just give you unhealthy skin.

5. Lastly not getting rid of your makeup will make you have dully and dry skin, which in turn we should want dewy skin. Your skin needs time to breath and the perfect time is at night, if you leave your makeup on it wont allow your skin to produce vitamins and minerals that gives of the healthy glowy skin.

So are any of you guilty of not taking your makeup off at night? Let me know down below! I hope you liked this post and found it interesting!


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