Short Girls Guide To Wearing Midi Skirts

Do you have to be taller than 5"2 to wear a midi skirt? I think not! Midi skirts have come into their own and reinvented themselves to a whole new fashion statement/trend. They were huge for spring and summer 2015, and have found themselves in every seasons trend up till now. As well as garment I would love to buy. However, I have always thought 'I'm too short to wear or pull one off' as well as feeling like if I wore one it would make me look shorter, already being 5"2. This trend is said to transition nicely into any season so it's a trend I don't want to miss out on! Therefore if your a littleling like me then keep reading for tips that would make a midi skirt work for you!

First is pairing one with a crop top as your exposed skin with help break up all the fabric at the bottom. This is so your body is not overpowered with fabric hiding all your skin. I would say exposing the midriff would be your best beat as its evens out the skin in the middle.
Heels will be your best friend and not only make you look taller but adding the illusion of making the shin that is not covered of your leg left look elongated add length and height. I think that the only way I could pull a midi off would be with heels as I have seen celebs that have totally butchered they're height by wearing flats in all the wrong ways!
Again you can make another illusion, this being a skirt with a pencil length skirt underneath with a sheer layer of fabric over the top of a midi style skirt. So it looks like your wearing a shorter skirt but your not. Or ones with sheer panels to break up the fabric even more.
The shape of the skirt also matters, this is depending on your body shape. You can have a pencil, a-line, skater, pleated, bodycon... the list could go on! For me personally I would wear a high waisted bodycon as the highwaisted, waist band makes your legs look longer too!

One celeb to look out for is Vanessa Hudgens shes only small but damn she looks good! Here are some examples of how she pulls off a midi skirt!
If you have any other tips and tricks to wearing a midi skirt if your tiny leave a comment! Hope you found this interesting and are having a wonderful day, 


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