Quick Last Minute Halloween DIY - Glowing Eyes!

This is a super easy fun Halloween DIY which takes less than an hour to do and super cheap too! Its super effective especially in the dark and hidden in your bushes and trees, and It will freak people out when they trick or treat to your house as it looks like eyes are watching you! So keep reading if you wanna see what I used and how I made them...
So you will need Glow sticks to make the eyes glow. I actually used these Cyalume safety lightsicks as they last 30 minutes of high intensity glow and last an extra hour or so fading out. They are also non-toxic, non-flammable and also weather proof which is good for this time of year as you never know when its gonna rain! 

You will need some kitchen roll tubes, or toilet roll tubes or any tubes you want really ;) But just something you can cut eyes in and fits a glow stick in the inside!

Lastly a pencil to draw the eyes on so you know where to cut, otherwise they will be all over the place! Trust me I've tried! Also some small scissors like embroidery scissors or nail scissors will do fine. This is so you can cut obviously but it can be quite tricky if you use big ones!
So I just started out with roughly drawing out some ideas of eyes on paper, these are the ones a chose to do. This was just a guide for when drawing onto the tube. I chose to do some easy some hard to do, you also have to work out what you are cutting do any details you want to keep stay on. 
So it should come out something like this. You see my cutting skills are not the best but too be fair it doesn't really need to be the neatest think in the world as its going to be tucked away in a tree or bush! 
So I took this at 6pm and its pretty dark outside already so when people come visit your house to trick or treat you can really see them well! You would want to make sure that your glow stick is smaller than your tube so that is doesn't stick or glow out of the sides. I also did find that some glow sticks can be very bright so they still do glow out the sides, so make sure to either put in a bush so you can see this or stick a piece of card which wont let through to both sides! 

So this is pretty simple aye! Super quick easy and effective at the same time if you want to add a little more to your garden this Halloween! There are also so many different designs you could come up with too! I hope you enjoyed reading and if you do it let me know and send me a picture! I know its kinda late and actually on the day of Halloween but I've been a busy be you see ;) So I apologise, but until next time have a awesome amazing, oooh and spooooky  day....



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  5. Those are awesome! For sure doing this next year