Belissimo Lips Review!

So today I'm doing a quite an exciting review for you guys! I got sent some Belissimo Lips from Belissimo Boutique, and mine is in the colour Rose. I was really excited to get these in the post to try as I have never seen anything like this and I really like the idea of it! I think this product would be great when going to party's like Halloween or New Years and if you want to make a statement. I actually went out with these glittery lips and I got so many people ask me what I was wearing, how much they liked the colour and how good it looks! 
So to start off I really like the way they sent the product as it was in a bubble wrap envelop so noting will break and it was all safe. Also the glitter, glue, cotton buds and card came in a little bag, which I think was a really nice way to package and looked nice too! The glitter comes in a little pot with the name of the product on, it looks quite small however there is a lot of glitter in it! I have used this colour twice and you can hardly see the fact I've used any! The only thing you need to be careful is that the pot is filled to the top, so if your clumsy like me try not to spill it! 

There are loads of colours to chose from... and when I mean loads... I mean LOADS! You are literally spoiled for choice! Some of the colours they include are Red, Tea Rose, Candy Pink, Purple, Frosted CoralLilac, Holographic FuchsiaChrome Silver, Black, Blue Gold, Iridescent Peach, Lavender, Rose, Yellow Gold, Gilded Peach, Gunmetal Grey, Iridescent Snow!
You also get a glue too which is obviously to help the glitter stick! This glue is made to be gentle to your lips and not hurt, it doesn't sting or irritate my lips so I'm very impressed with that. Its also specially formulated for sensitive skin! This glue is water based which makes it very easy apply to your lips too. It says that you should apply with a clean cotton bud however I found it easier to just use the brush the bottle comes with on the lid. I love the shape of the bottle as it reminds me of the nail polish bottles I used to have as a kid! Oohh and this glue is also safe to use on children's lips too!
It also comes with a little card with all of Belissimos links which I will have linked at the bottom as well as where you can get the products! On the other side has clear instructions on how to apply the product and how too remove which is very helpful. Before applying you will have too remove any lipstick or lip gloss you have on with a non-oil cleanser.
So you have to apply the glue first and like I said they say to use a cotton bud to apply but I found it easier to use the brush instead. I learnt that its better to do one lip first and then the other as the lip your not putting glitter on, the glue will dry. 

I then just took one of the cotton pads you get with the product and dipped it in the glitter and applied over my lips until everything is covered. You then want to brush of the excess glitter, I also used a makeup wipe to get glitter off the rest of my face as it does go everywhere aha!

You then have to wait for it to dry and you have to do this with you lips apart other wise they will stick! The card says that while drying you should avoid eating, drink and kissing! 

If you then want to take it off you just remove with a cleansing wipe or oil based cleanser. Pretty simple aye!
I really do love this product and dramatic effect you get, the glitter is so pigmented and vibrant! Certainly draws eyes too! I will say the only problem I have with it is that you can't really eat with it on. You can drink but I recommend using a strap for that though. On their website they say that it is designed to last 12 hours which for me it didn't! It was completely fine for the first few hours, then I wanted to test eating with it and they say not to eat grease food so I didn't but I found that it started to peel! Besides this I really don't think I or most people will wear it up to 12 hours anyway, if your going to party and wearing just make sure you eat before you go and drink from a straw!

So it is £13 for one Belissimo Lips. You may think that this expensive for some glitter and glue, but think... the glue is specially formulated not you be harsh on your lips and you do get a lot of glitter! There's got to be more than 20 uses of it there which means your paying like 50p for each time you wear it! If that makes any sense ;)

So if you are interested in buying the one I have tried which is in rose you can get it here -

Belissimo don't only do these glitter lips but they are a whole boutique that sell gifts, clothing, accessories, jewellery, homeware and beauty! So definatly check out there whole website as they have sooo many amazing products!

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So I really hope you guys like this post and thank you to Belissimo for sending me these to review too! Until next time have an awesome amazing day...


Pssttt..... also my friend Matt said that these lips look hot, so girls if you wanna look hot at a party you should wear these ;) Go follow him on Instagram -


  1. Looks interesting! In a good way of course :) Brilliant idea for a costume party

    1. ahah ;) It would look great for a costume party! If only someone would have one I could go too! xx

  2. Everything's better with glitter! Lol I love this.

  3. I abso0lutely LOVE this!!! You did such a great job.. such a pretty color as well. Works well with your skin tone perfectly ;)

    Im a new follower of yours, would you like to follow back baby girl?

    Rica Marie xx