Autumn Tag!

So I tagged by my good friend Chloe over at Fashionablycoy, she is a newish blogger and you should defiantly go check her out! So she tagged me in doing the autumn tag which is obviously what today's post is gonna be!  

Favourite thing about Autumn?

So I think that my favourite things about autumn has got to be the fact that halloween is getting nearer, the nights are getting darker and me and my mum can watch horror movies all night! It dose mean also Christmas is getting closer too and oohhh my I am excited! 61 days I have you know! 

Favourite Drink?

I don't actually drink hot drinks anytime of year so it wont be a hot chocolate like most people but... is it weird that I drink Lemonade most at this time of year?? 

Favourite scent/candle?

This one is quite hard for me as my Mum and Dad wont let me burn candles in the house as they think that I would burn the house down.. which I most probably would! But I do have a candle which is a Yankee Candle in Fluffy Towels which I really like. I don't actually like warm spicy scents for this time of year cause they kinda make me feel sick!

Best lipstick?

Im not one for wearing lipstick I'm more of a lipgloss kinda gal! But I do like wearing a bold red or dark purple in this weather, and the red makes me feel all christmasy.. I know weird right ;) But if I had to chose on it would be Smooth Plum from Avon.

Go-to moisturiser?

My mum gave me Niveas Aqua Effect Moisturizing Day Cream not to long ago and I have been loving it! Dry skin is what I suffer with mostly in the autumn winter time and It just makes my skin feel sooo nice!

Go-to colour for the eyes?

I would say that I totally darken up my eyeshadow with more purples too! I also love using an Avon liner in Majestic Plum on my lash line too! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the name of that eyeliner tho!!

Favourite music to listen to?

My music taste tends to stay the same all year round, yes I listen to Christmas music all year round... why not!?! But lately I have been getting back into Fall Out Boy and their songs Phoenix and Young Volcanoes are my favourite! 

Favourite outfit to wear?

For the autumn time I still get hot so I'm not so much wearing jumpers and coats, but I love wearing my boyfriend jacket and chunky Chelsea boots. Oh and I also love wearing skirts and dresses with tights! And the other day I got some tights with fleece in and they are the softest things ever!

Autumn treat?

I would have to say it would be Halloween as it is my favourite time of year, and I have an excuse to watch horror movies over and over again! As well as carving pumpkins and dressing up too!

Favourite place to be?

I had to think about this one quite hard because I don't tend to go out to a specific place when in the Autumn time. However I will be cliché and say being inside in the warm when its cold and rainy outside.

So thats my Autumn tag I hope you liked! Don't forget go check out Chloe's blog and go follow her!! Here are the people I tag, and if I haven't tagged you personally then you can still do it and let me know if you do! 

I tag....


See you guys later and until next time have an awesome amazing day...



  1. I love Fall out Boy too!

    Katie xo

    1. Aha no way! their newest album is too good :D xx

  2. 1.I'm loving lemonade atm too!
    2. The Phoenix is AMAZING
    3. I couldn't live without fleecy tights!

    I'll be doing this tag soon :) thanks for tagging me!
    Naomi xx

    1. Ehe well cant wait to see what you put! And you are most welcome ^_^ xxx

  3. hi sweetie! great post and wonderful blog!!!amazing subjects! im your new follower on gfc bloglovin and instagram! hope you can visit mine and follow me too! kisses!

  4. I'm the same way with lemonade - lemonade is my #1 ;) Cute list! I'm so excited for Halloween~~~~~


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