OMG I'm Such A Bad Blogger!

So where do I start... god knows aha! Well you may have seen that I haven't blogged in the longest time, and It actually makes me sad thinking about it! I feel like I've kinda let you guys down in a weird way too! But I do first wanna say thank you as I haven't even blogged in over a month and you guys are still reading my blog, commenting and following! Which always helps to inspire me to do more posts. However lately I really haven't had time, and I'll explain why...

So first is pretty much my excuse every time I slack at blogging and that is because of college. I think that is an okay excuse as college is quite important but the work has be really stressful so far this year as it is my final year and next week is my first assessment week. So I've been trying to work my butt off! 

Next is I have been ill a few times, and I'm ill right now! When I'm ill I never get any inspiration and I don't feel motivated, but I am on the mend and I have soooooo many great post ideas and I'm quite excited about them!!  

Lastly I was on TV.... yes tv like what!?!?! So Steve Holden from BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat tweeted me asking if I wanted to film a day in my life and how I use social media. I had a Go-Pro and filmed my day and you get to see how many times I checked my phone and what apps I use most! The team at Newsbeat did a really great job at editing what I film and if you want to see it you can check it out here.... (they picked the best thumbnail of my chins ;) 

So once again sorry for not blogging in a while! But I have a lot played for the rest of the year and its 10 weeks till Christmas and 15 days till Halloween... say what! ;) So hopefully some Halloween tutorials for this year too! So until next time have an awesome amazing day....


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