The Spring Has Sprung Tag!

Over here in England Spring, unfortunately has not sprung yet. It's raining outside! Even though it is April so April showers are expected, however outside right now I don't think its a shower, more like a storm! Anyway onto the tag, I've seen this one float around many blog's and youtube's and I really like the questions so I did it pretty much. I was going to wait until it really gets Springy here but I doubt that's going to happen!
So first of all I did a video on this tag which you can watch if you click on the picture, that's if I linked it right ;) But if you would rather read my answers keep reading...

Spring Has Sprung Tag Questions! 

 Question 1.

What are some spring trends you're looking forward to the most?

I really like all he pastel colour even though they most probably wont look good on me because I'm really pale. But I also love the festival fashion which has come back a few years now and excelled as a style!

Question 2.

What's your favourite spring clothing piece?

Oooh kimonos are my all time favourite! They are so easy to wear and come in so many amazing patterns.

Question 3.

What do you do during spring break?

Well in England we don't have a spring break but we have an Easter holiday which could be our vision. But I do not do anything in particular, I just see family, hang with friends and chill.

Question 4.

Is it warm or cold in Spring where you live?

Well its raining outside and its windy so its pretty cold!

Question 5.

What is your favourite spring lip colour?

Anything bright and neon, bright pinks are my favourite! Oh and pastel colours like the ones from lime crime.

Question 6.

Favourite spring nail polish colour?

Again anything bright and summery so bright pinks pale blues, like these Avon nail polishes I just reviewed! -

Question 7.

Favourite spring colour?

I think you may know, but just encase its bright pink! ;) 

Question 8.

Favourite starbucks drink during spring?

I don't actually go to starbucks as I think its too overpriced and I don't like tea or coffee! But for any drink it would be lemonade.

Question 9.

Do you add colour to your make-up for spring?

Yes I do, I would do a brighter lip and blush, I don't do much different with my eye shadow. But recently I've been wearing blue mascara!

Question 10.

What are you most excited for spring 2014?

My birthday which is on the 6th of May and I'm going to be 17 like holy smokes! I'm kinda excited ehe!

So I hope you all go do this tag if you haven't already and have an awesome amazing day! 


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  1. Aw you look so pretty:3 and great tag! I'll be sure to get round into doing it myself c; xx