Golden Girl!

The party season is here and yes it is now time to partyyy!! But first your gonna need a dress, shoes, makeup and jewelry... how about all in gold?? Gold is the new fashion statement and trend this autumn/winter, and isn't it just the perfect colour to wear this time of year, especially with Christmas just days away!

The first pieces I have picked out for you are more on the high-end, designer scale. So if you have to get the perfect couture gown for a holiday party or need some designer killer heels I hope that my picks help or inspire you...

Going For Gold!

In this collection, we have more high-street and cheap options. Which not gonna lie I actually prefer aha! So here I my cheaper alternatives for those holiday parties! 

Golden Girl

So I hope you like those collections I created for you :3 I made them on polyvore, so if you have polyvore come follow me! My link is always on the side of my blog (under my instagram) and if you follow me i'll follow you back! Cause im nice like that ehheh so until next time have an awesome amazing day...



  1. hey thanks for following my blog
    I like your blog alot so I'm going to follow back


  2. we love gold and sequins, they're definitely the perfect textres and looks to bring an extra sparkle to christmas. Gold can often look over the top, but if there is any time of year where you caan get away with looking like a bedazzled bauble, it's christmas!!

    1. Ahah it certainly is! thanks for commenting :3 xx

  3. Oh, this is so amazing, brilliant selection, really love everything gold for the festive season and not only! ♥ Great post my lovely!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  4. Love your blog especially this post. We are both part of the 2014 Blogger challenge - I have followed and can't wait to check out your posts. Love Jules @

    1. Aww thank you checking out your blog now ^_^ xx

  5. Amazing blog! Gold is a perfect colour for the party season! :) - Followed :) x


  6. what better time of year to pull our the gold than Christmas??! Loved all your picks!

  7. love all the gold!

    Lauren Taylor