Start Of The Year Wislist!

Start Of The Year Wislist!

So its the start of the year and new trends and season fashions are changing, and a lot of new products are coming out. So I have been wanting a lot of products and clothes so far this year... but first I need a job so I can get them!! :/ Any way here are my 6 things I have be wanting for this new year!

1. Is of course Urban Decays new Naked 3 palette!! OMG it is way to beautiful not to buy! And as an avid fan and constant buyer of Urban Decay im defiantly gonna be buying this stunner ;) 

2. Next are these high waisted jeans from River Island! I have been wanting a pair of these for like ever and what I love most about these is the distressing around the bottom and on the tops of the thighs. They also come with a snazzy black belt.

3. Is Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture. A lot of people rave about this perfume and say its amazing but for some reason the smell never appealed to me :( But until now!! I went shopping the other day and smelt it and it was sooooo good ^_^ What do you guys think should I get it?? 

4. So these boots are Black Chunky Cleated Sole Chelsea Boots from New Look. Chelsea Boots are back and every one loves them, even me! But these ones are better though! The chunkiness of them and the heel just make them too perfect!

5. Is a Sigma brush kit, Im not fussed about which one I get, I just would like some new good quality brushes ^_^ Dose anyone have any recommendations of which set to get?? 

6. Lastly is a man's shirt, yes that is correct but when ever I get band t-shirts the best ones are only in men's sizes so that's my reasoning! But I lovvvve All Time Low too much that I need more shirts! :P

So I hope you liked this post! Leave a comment below telling me what your faves are so far this year! So until next time have an awesome amazing day...



  1. Them shorts are so nice and I'm also after that Urban Decay palette the colours are so pretty!

    Millie x

  2. I'm definitely going to have to get the naked 3 palette soon!! Those shoes are so nice!