Stud Wishlist! + I Have A Facebook Page!

Before we get into this post I would just like to say I know have a Facebook page! Well I've actually had it since july ahah ;) But I never thought people would follow me on it so I never told you lot, but imma risk taker so here we are - if you guys have facebook pages for your blogs or youtube let me know cause I would love to like it! 

Anywayyysss... today im going to show you a wish list. Now this is just any wish list this is my studded wishlist! Studs have been in fashion for a while now and are still going strong. So while I was browsing around on the interweb I found some of my favorite pieces that would make a statement with any outfit! ^_^ And guess what they are not badly priced...Stud Wishlist

Stud Wishlist by rougeinlove97 on polyvore

Platform boots
$33 -

Black oxford flat

Missguided studded high heel boots
$64 -

Betsey johnson wallet

Blue purse

Silver gemstone earrings
$6.53 -

White pearl pendant necklace

Let me know in the comments which was your favorite item! Also if you have a facebook page link it below for me to check out ^_^ Once again I hope you have an awesome amazing day...

Emma xxxxxx