Blogging From A to Z April - Day 1 - All Time Low

A is for All Time Low!!! So for my first installment of 'Blogging From A to Z April' there was only, and is only one thing that comes into mind when you say the letter A. Which is All Time Low :DDD

Now I know some of you are think what the hell is it?? Or more so who are they?? If you don't know how are you living!!?? All Time Low are my FAVOUIRTE band of all time :) 
I started listening to ATL (All time low) way back in 2008 and I was 11 years old. I was just getting into the pop punk type music and they were the ones who influenced me to the type of music I listen to today. 

The first song that I listened to was 'Dear Maria, Count Me In' now this is still one of my favourite songs they've ever done and im so glad that youtube recommended it to me :3 The first CD I brought by ATL was 'So Wrong, It's Right' which was released in 2008, and it was their second studio album. 

If you haven't noticed all ready I am completely obsessed with ALT and will forever be :D I own all of their CD's, 2 t-shirts a wrist band and not to mention a rather large poster which hangs over my bed :3 
First is my favorite person in the band, but i do love all of them :DD If you don't know this is Alex Gaskarth. I think I love him the most because of his personality, and just look at him... he's so so so so cute :3 
Alex is the lead sing in the band and occasionally plays the guitar. He was born in Essex, England but moved to Maryland when he was age 7 where he met Jack who talked him into starting a band.

         Next is Jake Barakat who can I say is rather sexay ;) he is the lead guitarist in the band and also sings. Jack was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and was the one who got the band together, so if he wasn't here today there wouldn't be any ATL :( but he is so yayayayay :DDDD

So for the dummer :) whoop Rian Dawson is the most hansome one in the group and i would love to marry him!! He's so sweet and in ATL's newest music video 'Somewhere In Neverland' he's started to grow his hair back :O omg :3 

And last but certainly not least is Zack Merrick ;D wow ummm... how to put this... he's the henchest in the group. Zack is the bassist and back up vocals for the band, and likes to perform without his top on.. yum!                                                                    

So that was the first post of Blogging From A to Z April and I hope you enjoyed reading it because I had a blast typing all about my favourite band. You guys now know a bit more about me and hopefully in future posts will know more :D                    

 Feel free to leave a comment down below of your your favouirte band, people, product or anything that begins with A because I would love to know more about you!! 



  1. Okay - so I don't know these guys at all - just off to do some homework on youtube!!!

    Blogging AtoZ @ChickLitLove

    1. ahah thanks for stopping by :) and you defentaly should :P