Blogging From A to Z April - Day 7 - Gossip Girl

So we've been through a whole entire week! Only 19 days left, and today's letter is G which is for... 
Gossip Girl has been my obsession over the past few months and some how I've watched every season and episode in that time! So there are 6 seasons in total, each having around 22 to 25 episodes in. Apart from season 6 because its only half way through the season.   

So for those of you who don't know what Gossip Girl is well let me explain... Gossip girl is an American television show based on the novels. The series begins with the return of Upper East Side "it girl", Serena van der Woodsen, from a mysterious stay at a boarding school in Cornwall, Connecticut. Blair Waldorf, whom creators describe as the queen at the center of their chess game, is a longtime friend and occasional rival of Serena's, and the queen bee of Constance Billard School's social scene. The story also follows Chuck Bass, the bad boy of the Upper East Side; "golden boy" Nate Archibald, Chuck's best friend and Blair's boyfriend for many years. However, their relationship had been rocky ever since Serena left for boarding school. Other characters of the turbulent Manhattan scene, Dan Humphrey, Dan's best friend Vanessa Abrams, and Dan's sister, Jenny Humphrey. (From wiki ;D) 

So how did I get into Gossip Girl?? Well first of all I read one of their books called 'You Know You Love Me'. I got this book from my school library as I had the read a book for English and do a review on it. I loved loved loved this book, but unfortunately couldn't do a review on it because of the unnecessary 50 shades of grey type pages! Which was a shame. But none the less I was hooked, so I found a website on line where you can watch every season for free! It was a miracle :3 

My favourite character is Chuck Bass who is played by Ed Westwick :DD I'm not sure why he is my favourite character but he has a certain flair about him, which makes him extremely attractive! First of all he is the bad boy out of the group (which may be why I like him :P) He is described as -  Lazy and vain, Chuck's only interests are sex and money, and he is frequently chided by his father for lacking ambition and performing poorly in school. Following flings with numerous females, his only serious relationship comes near the end of the series, when he begins dating Blair Waldorf.

Throughout the seasons I began to feel sympathy for him. Chuck had a tough up bringing, not having a mother because she died while giving birth to him, and his dad always blamed him for his mothers death. But Chuck has such good friend who help him through it all :) 

Why love Chuck Bass?? Well my answer, just look at him :3 Chucks style is the best with his iconic scarf which he wears everywhere and that cheeky smile he only shows of once in a while ;) Ohhh and not to forget the best part his voice ahhhhh kasjdgfjhvejhcfq ehehe if you can't tell I love it :DDD

To round up this rather long post, if you have never seen Gossip Girl you defentaly should check it out here for free! This website is the best and you can watch a tone of other TV shows for free too, and now I've also gotten kinda hooked on Pretty Little Liars! Whooops :P 

Website link -

I'll leave you guys with this ;D 

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