Lush Halloween and Christmas Wishlist!!

I don't regularly buy products from lush mainly because I don't have baths! But recently Sams Mum gave me a bubble bar which she did not want and gave it to me :3 So thank you very much Sam's Mummy ^_^ And OMG I am in love like you have no idea. It was possibly one of the best baths I have ever had :D The bubble bar she gave me was the Creamy Candy, ahhh it is lushhh ;) It's only £2.50 each and lasts a long time. So anyway since I fell in love I have been craving another and another!! 
Lush always has a collection of products out for the festive time of year and I was looking on their website and found some products that I would love to try out in the halloween and christmas stuff ^_^ 
Firstly is their halloween collection which features a few of the classic Lush products, which are know to be amazing! Online they only had 5 products for halloween so these are my three which I have my eye on ^_^

                     Twilight - £16.95                                                A lavender and malt notes shower gel to calm, relax and comfort as it helps you transition from day to night. Do you want to look up at the night sky and remember that you are part of it? Then Twilight will help you connect.  For a good night’s sleep, use this before bed.
                   Pumkin - £2.75                                                             Crumble under a running tap to turn your bath water a vivid, rusty orange colour, creating mounds of sweet scented bubbles. With ylang ylang oil and orange flower absolute to leave you feeling uplifted and refreshed. Pumkin shares the comforting and Autumnal fragrance of our Figs and Leaves soap, so the two will be great to use together in the bath. 

                     The Witches' Ball - £4.10                              A blend of herb and spice essential oils gives The Witches’ Ball a crisp, Autumnal fragrance that’s perfect at this time of year. Sage, myrrh, peppermint, rosemary, parsley and clove all combine for a bewitching bathtime experience.  The herbs and spices here help to clear the mind and emotions, so it’s perfect for those who like to do their thinking in the bath.

Next is there christmas collection which is absolutely adorable!!^_^ 

                           Snowcake                                          Another of our Christmas bestsellers. This soft white soap smelling of marzipan and fruit has people rushing in to stock up as soon as we release our Christmas stock. We’d sell this all year, but then Christmas wouldn't be so special. Made with a fragrance of rose absolute, cassis absolute and benzoin resin.
                  The Christmas Penguin                                              P-P-P Pop in a Penguin! This fun bubble bar is modelled on Little Penguins found on Philip Island, Australia – they’re the smallest penguins in the world! Dont you think the middle one is way too cute ^_^
                      Gold Fun                                                          Brand new Fun, invented by Lush co-founder Mo Constantine, has been given a Christmas makeover – it’s encased in golden lustre and is scented with the fragrance of all-year-round product Honey I Washed The Kids. You decide how you want to use it: pinch off a little and lather up for washing body and hair, crumble a small bit under running water for baths or just play with it!
Our little snowman is about to shuffle off this mortal coil – but not before you get one last bath from him as he disappears for another year.
It is a short but glorious life that our Melting Snowman lives. He may not have long to go, but boy is he going to make a grand exit.

Citrus oils, davana oil and buchu are combined to give a tropical fruity, juicy aspect to this fragrance. Feel tropical in the shower for a few minutes and step out with a smile on your face.

So thats todays blog post I hope you enjoyed, if there is anything you are loving from lush right now let me know in the comments because i would ove to try out your guys' recommendations :3 Until next time have an awesome amazing day...



  1. Great wish list! I'm really excited for the melted snowman.


    1. Aww thank you :3 me too they look way too cute ^_^ xxx

  2. That pumpkin is the cutest bath bomb I have ever seen! So gonna get it, bet it smells, well, LUSH! ;) hahaha love your blog! check mine out? I've just started up so I'm pretty new :)

    1. OMG i know right!! aww why thank you I shall check it out now ^_^ xxx