1 Year Blogging Anniversy!!

So as you could probably tell from the title of this blog post.... YES THAT IS CORRECT I HAVE BEEN BLOGGING FOR A WHOLE YEAR TODAY!!!

And I would just like to say thank you sooooooooooo much to all of you who have followed and supported me throught this year :3 It amazes me how I have got 131 follower in a year. I never thought that I would get that many, some of you may think its not that much but to me its increadilble to think that 131 of you guys and maybe more read my blog and from sooo many different countrys around the world! It just makes smile :D ehehhe ^_^ 

So there really isn't anything else to say in this post... well actually two things... but mainly I would just like to say a mental, huge, fantabulous...


And I will definatly be blogging more and more and moreeeee!

Second thing... I would like to congradulate my boyfriend Sam because he did a 4000 metre jog, 250 press-ups and 50, 20m rope climbs today! So well done honey :3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Sooo until next time have an awesome amazing day....


And check out my latest video ^_^


  1. Congratulations on your milestone!:) and wow 250 press ups I struggle to do two haha:)x


    1. Thank you ^_^ ahah i know me too ;) xxx

  2. The penguins looks so cute! I need to use up my lush stash before I can buy more, I will have to go a bit crazy in the after xmas sale x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness