Bobbi Brown's Christmas Collection!

Can you believe its only 79 days until christmas! This year has just gone so so so fast, but its the time of year where all the chirstmas collections and gifts start to come out ^_^ YAY!! So I was browsing only today and came across Bobbi Browns chirstmas collection and can I say I think I might be in love with it... maybe even more than the RiRi <3 MAC collection! 
Anyway for those of you who haven't seen the makeup collection yet I thought I'll show you my favorite pieces which one day I hope to get my hands on...
This first one is the Smokey Eye Warm Palette which is £37.50 and its a beautiful neutral palette which is perfect to have for everyday eyes and its small enough to carry in your bag and take traveling too.  It includes a classic base shadow in Ivory and some shades have a lot of metallic textures in and others has lovely neutral hues in. It includes a Mini Dual Ended Shadow/Liner Brush as well which is perfect on the go!
This next product is the Nude Glow Shimmer Brick highlighter for £35.00. IOUYDTYDJ OMG this is just to beautiful I cant even look at it without dying! It features the most perfect pearlescent colors to highlight your skin with skin. You can also use this shades as an eye shadow, and I can think of some very pretty makeup looks to make with this ^_^
Date Night Lip and Eye Palette for £24.00 which I think is a great price for  little compact for on the go which includes three eyeshadows in Ivory, Storm Cloud Sparkle and Caviar which can be used as an eyeliner too. The palette also comes with two lip colours in Sandwash Pink and Berry Punch which can be paired with the mini High Shimmer Lip Gloss that snaps into place in the middle.
So next is most probably my second favorite piece in this collection which is the Lip Gloss Trio for £29.00. Three is my lucky number so I knew I was gonna love these ;) These are a great wearable shades in Pink Sugar Shimmer Lip Gloss, Bronzed Heather High Shimmer Lip Gloss and Dusty Rose Lip Gloss. Great for everyday and night :D
So this last one is probably my favorite and that is the Evening Out Set which is quite pricey at £80.00. However off putting the price maybe to some of you just think about what you get in this set... It includes six shadow in a highlight shade, four lid shades and a dark liner shade! And added on you get a set of all the brushes you need to apply your makeup. But what I love about this set is that you get everything to create a perfect eyelook which even includeds the lash-lengthening mascara in the blackest black :D and overall you get a cute little black patent carrying case to put it all in. So maybe its worth that price?? ;)

So they are my favorite pieces in Bobbi Browns new Christmas Collection I hoped you enjoyed and if you wanna see the rest of the collection its all on Bobbi Brows website ^_^ and until next time, have an awesome amazing day...


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