My Bedroom Wishlist!

So my bedroom has been in the decorating stage for ages now, and soon (hopefully if my dad remembers ;) will get complete! So i made to little boards on polyvore of some of the things I hope to get for my room and some are just inspiration!

So the way my room is being decorated is sorter a modern shabby chic, french boudoir. So the colours are black white and hot pink. In these little mood boards you cant really see any hot pink that's because I already have one wall in wall paper that colour so I feel I don't need anymore. I used to have a rug and curtains in that colour but It kinda gave me a head ache cause it was way to pink ;) 
My Bedroom Wishlist!

Bedroom Wishlist #2

I hope you like these little mood board thingys I made on polyvore and I also hope that this post gave you so inspiration on what you may design your room like or help you find a chair or 
pillow that you like ^_^ 

I cant wait to get my room finished and when it is if you would like to see a room tour I would be happy to share it with you guys! So until next tome have an awesome amazing day...



  1. birdcages are a must for me!! they're so decadent and romantic

    1. I totally agree! the one that I picked out is also a light, can it get any better! ^_^ xx

  2. Amazing bedroom wishlist!:)