Urban Decay Ammo Palette - Review!!

So the ammo palette has been out for ages and over a year ago they made another new one, same as the first but basically revamped it! So I got this palette for my birthday last May and I have had a lot of time to use it and get a great impression on this product. Like the original, the palette had ten of Urban Decays best-selling shades. These varying from neutrals to vivid colours. These are in the shades...
  • Smog – Deep copper bronze shimmer.
  • Mildew – Mossy green shimmer with golden undertones.
  • Oil Slick – Deep matte black with silver micro glitter.
  • Last Call – Metallic plum.
  • Chopper – Copper shimmer with silver micro glitter.
  • Maui Wowie – Metallic golden beige with silver glitter.
  • Shattered – Turquoise shimmer with gold shift.
  • Polyester Bride – White snow shimmer with silver micro glitter.
  • Grifter – Sheer lavender shimmer with silver micro glitter.
  • Sin – The best-selling champagne shimmer.

The quality of these shadows are amazing... its made by Urban Decay what do you expect! So they revamped it, but the colours are the same? What they did is re-designed the formula of the shadow itself, the shadows are more velvety then before. The pigmentation is flawless and the colours blend effortlessly. I find that the shadows last around 8-9 hours on my lids with a primer, which for me, is seriously great because I have really oily lids. 

As well as renewing the formula they changed the packaging, got rid of the old sponge-tip applicator (which I hate!) for a mini-eyeshadow brush and also added a sample-sized tube of their primer potion too.
Urban Decay Ammo 2 Palette
Like the original palette, the eyeshadows are displayed the same they are divided into two rows. What I like most about they way they are laid out is that they have put recommended colours together which can help a lot, or you can mix them together if you wish. Each of the columns makes a duo. My favorites are chopper and sin! 
Compared the the original, the newer one seems to have less fall out because of the formula and they last longer. But aside from that and the new packaging was it really worth making a updated version of this palette. I know a lot of people whom have reviewed this feel the same! Instead of doing  this they should have just invested in making a new palette or something new!? 

But if you don't have this palette at all I would defiantly recommend it to you as it is defiantly worth the money! Even though it is a lot smaller than you would think, but I've had it nearly a year and have used it a lot a lot! So it dose last a long time. It is price at £24 at Debenhams which is where I got mine from.
I hope you liked this review and found it helpful! If you would like more reviews let me know and leave a comment on your thoughts on this palette! Until next time have an awesome amazing day...


  1. Pretty colours x

  2. They always seem to include Sin in every palette. Not sure I like that, I would prefer to try something else that replaces it. Besides that, this is a great looking palette.
    Bright and Shiny

    1. I know right! I thought that too, it is a popular colour tho that may be why they added it? But yes I love this palette! ^_^ xx

  3. Ahhh this post is making me want this palette so much! The Maui Wowie and sin are beautiful!
    Such gorgeous colours they look lovely on yor skin tone.

    Lovely blog - you have a new follower (and on twitter/instagram haha)
    Collette xxx

    1. Aww thank you :3 I shall go foloow you back now ^_^ xx